Sydney meetup?

Hi guys,I'm Tommy, based in Sydney. I'm a beginner. Wondering whether there is a recent/active group of builders, flyers. Most of the 'fly day' proposals were in the past.Tommy.

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  • I am a AMAS member but I am working on the 29th. WIll try for the 30th though.
  • 29th and 30th Hobbyking are at Penrith Electric Model Club. Good chance to join and play with new stuff.

  • This is an old oat but I think most of the clubs are still active

    Or you could try

    Both of the associations have links to clubs on their pages.
  • Good idea on both fronts. Joining a clu8b a must but meeting other APM users in Sydney would be great as well.
    • @Dave, I searched for Sydney, no club showed.

      @Alex, thanks, you have any link? 

    • This is a link to the club here in Parramatta.  Lovely bunch of blokes, and very welcoming.

  • Join a club and you will be insured. Your copter could cost you everything.

    Look HERE

  • Sure, no worries. Shoot me a PM and we can plan a fly day.

  • Hi Quadzimodo,
    I'm in Newtown. Can I join you next weekend?currently I just have a cheap one bought in Kmart.
  • Hi Tommy,

    In what area of Sydney are you based? I fly in Parramatta area most weekends
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