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  • I wish I was in Sydney.

    Oh wait, that's right, I crashed my quads and am waiting for spares, so no flying for me for at least another 2 weeks. *A tear is rolling down my cheek.*

  • I'm in for Sunday.

  • Hey all,

    We have a decent sized crew flying in sydney quite often, mostly in the eastern suburbs, centennial park area. We have a few quads and a few planes. 

    Most likely to be flying this sunday morning, so if anyone is keen let me know! 

  • Same Moving back to Sydney in a month from NT, Totally new to all this and have X8 so would be good to meet with and ave a flight, swaps stories and experiences..

  • Hey everyone.  New here and new to quads...  I'm in Sydney andlooking to fast track my learning.  Would like to meet others for a flight....

  • Hey guys,

    Great to see there's a scene happening here in Sydney with regular meetups.

    I live in Ryde and would love to join on the next meet or if any of you guys are around Ryde somewhere please feel free to give me a shout for a casual catch up (damn this is starting to sound like personal ad) lol

    Cheers guys

  • Hi All,

    I have an ArduCopter 3DR Quad D - Ready-to-Fly for sale in the Adelaide Hills SA. I have posted more details in the buy, swap and sell section. I am happy to deliver it (within reason).



  • Moderator

    Hey all,

    Just thought I would drop a quick note here to tell all that the 5th DIYDrones Melbourne meet is happening this Sunday from 08:30 at Williamstown.  Check out the Melbourne group for more details. (:

    All welcome. (:

  • Hey all, 

    We had an awesome day on Sat, down at Bondi Beach! awesome turnout with a few planes (one still perched nicely half way down the cliff!) and about 7 multi rotors! 

    Attached are a few photos, looking forward to organising the next meetup! Cheers



  • HI guys ,good to have a group here in Australia

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Splash drone modification

Hi I'm new here from Melbourne, I bought a splash drone fishing drone. It was ok never flew quite as nice as my old phantom 3 ever did. Anyway it run out of battery 350m out to sea and took a load of water and everything is toasted. It does turn on but won't arm. Im thinking of gutting it but motors and the drop mechanism and putting a custom drone internals Now I literally have no idea where to begin with this. All I need is 500m range and GPS return to home and a trigger for drop mech . I…

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E384 Mapping / Surveying Drone kit - never used

This is an unused like new equipment. I have recently changed my career path and unfortunately this project never took off the ground. The kit includes: • Never used E384 fixed wing drone kit (some details could be found here: • NDVI Camera – NGB Converted Canon S110 Camera (can also sell additional Cannon S110 with      regular lens) • Costume build galvanized steel heavy duty carrier case • PVC stand Selling for…

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Hi guys,I've been into drones for a few years as a hobby, and recently got a Mavic Pro.  I've posted a few pics & videos on my facebook & instagram, and I've been really surprised by the number of friends who've asked me to do work for their businesses.I work full time so droning is still a hobby, but I learn more everyday, and I reckon there have to be hundreds of others out there like me who'd like to make a bit of money on the side.So I've set up - it works like…

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