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  • Does anybody know of any UAS manufacturers in Australia, preferably WA.

    We are looking for a company to build us a UAS (multirotor/groundstation etc.) that will give us the capability to do mapping/photogrammetry, and remote inspections in the mining and construction industry.

    We are a small start up at the moment, so a modest budget is what we have to start with right now, so we were thinking about something like a tarot hex frame, with big props/motors, and pixhawk as the flight controller.

    Personally I have experience in building/flying/crashing quads over the last 2 years, and I could definitely build this platform myself, but we want a professional looking system to represent our professional outfit.

    We are currently going through the certification process, and would expect to be complete by the end of this year, so training on a new system is required in the very near future.

    Please PM me with details.
  • Hello, 

    My name is Jesús from Spain, I´m not in Australia yet but I´m going to go for Phd stay at the Sydney University at the ACFL for two months in august . And i I want to contact with the UAV community there. 

      Thanks :-)


  • Happy to help out part time. PM me with some more details. Im in Sydney.


  • Hi Lukaso,

    I am also interested but located in QLD. PM me for more info.

    Kind regards


  • Hi Lukaso,

    I'm potentially looking for part time development work but I'm Perth based unfortunately.

    PM if you want to know more.

  • I know a guy you could try but he's in Melbourne. Very good and up to date on IAV development.
  • Hi Guys, I'm after drone engineer. Can anybody recommend someone in Sydney who will be able to work part time with agreed salary on the project I have?  Thank you for your help. Lukas

  • Not a bad thought Adam, thanks.

  • Actually Hobbyking has a mini version of the APM which would make it easier to fit into smaller planes 

  • I didn't say that it would work, just that I'm going to try it!

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