From San Diego/Tijuana to Los Cabos, everything about Ardupilot vehicles, where to buy and where to go.

Also recreational, sharing info and competition activities about drones along the beautiful Baja peninsula and South Ca.


Let's get together and form a strong team from Baja.
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  • Jaime, thanks for all the information and tips and also for the warning about personal security. Regards, Jason

  • Hi Jason, 

    Border crossing should be no problem you may just have to make an inventory of the equipment you are crossing with and declare it on your way in. The officials may do an inventory and give you a document that has all serial numbers and equipment you cross with. This you will need on your way out, so when you go out you may need to show this to the authorities. At least this is the way to do it when you go from Mexico to the US. (this is to avoid Mexican Customs Charges). 
    Regarding flying, there is a document published by the DGAC (FAA equivalent in Mexico) regarding UAV operations it states that you need a bunch of things to operate a UAV, however I am yet to hear of a UAV operator in Mexico that is following this, plus it contradicts itself in several places. It seems to still be a work in progress. I would not worry about the authorities just yet. However, flying in Coahuila, I would be more worried about flying in an area where there may be illegal activities going on. We had a couple of issues with armed groups threatening us, in areas near Monterrey and  Saltillo.
    DGAC Document:
  • I have a general question about UAV/UAS laws in Mexico, so sorry if this is too off topic for the Baja group. I may have an opportunity to travel to Cohuila with a research team that will be performing botanical inventories. I'd like to try to do some aerial surveys while I'm there but don't want to get into trouble with authorities. This will be in an unpopulated area so the chances of encountering any state officials is slim, but I'm also concerned about a border crossing from Texas to Mexico with a case full of UAS equipment. Can anyone share some experiences or thoughts about this?

  • I live in San Diego, and would like to be in contact with other enthusiasts in my area.

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Looking for Michael Edwin

The founder of apparently-defunct 3DRInstruct, which turned into UASInstruct. He is listed as living in Coronado. Michael, please get in touch.If you know Michael, please remind him to get in touch.Thank you.Greetings from Texas,Knut Graf

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