• Hi Dario,

    I recommend even to use the BBG because it is cheaper (39$) and has no disadvantages. 



    • Hi,

      I'm new to this. Can the Grove 10DOF IMU  & GPS be used with the BBG for BBBMini, via the Grove connectors?


    • Hi Ivan,

      you may could use the GPS but I recommend to use a UBLOX M8N. The Grove IMU is connected via I2C and the BBBmini use SPI. As result you can not use the Grove IMU without changing the ArduPilot source code.


    • Good point about the SPI.

      Thanks for that.


    • Mirko, you mention no disadvantages but are there any existing or future slight advantages of utilizing a BB black over the green in combination with microcontrollers for our flying projects? My multicopter experience is all with APM and KK hardware and since I dabble in Linux, I am now considering a Beaglebone and your BBBmini combo. ( might skip the Pixhawk )

    • Sorry Mirko, should have looked up your link to the BBG, it has a comparison between green and black. From what I see the only difference is the Black has an HDMI connector and the Green does not but has 2 Grove sockets (one UART & one I2C ). Plus the Green is powered via Micro USB vice a barrel jack on the black.  But I wonder why big price difference?

    • Hi Rejean,

      the price difference is not so high, I think. You can by and use a BeagleBone Green without worries, it will be supported by BBBmini in the future.


    • Hi Mirko,

      Looking to use Beagebone in an ROV system.

      Gonna get the nev board whenever it is released.

      In the meantime I'm thinking of using the Beagebone Green,  Does it handle video streaming like the Beaglebone black?  

    • Hi Sveinung,

      yes, already did video streaming with the BBG. When you stream via WiFi you have to use a external USB-Hub because there is only one USB port on the BBG and BBB as well.



    • Thanks,

      plan is to stream through the ethernet to a topside wifi buoy.

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