• Hi Peoples ...  this is my first post on this excellent forum full of tech delights.

    I am here to learn from people that know

    not sure if this is the right place to write. pls feel free to delete or move my post

    I am still in the design and build stage. I cant decide which AP to get.

    Ive got it down to a  Pixhawk or build this excellent Linux AP BBBmini

    Thanks Mirko for all this beautiful beautiful work

    I am naturally inclined to build the BBBmini because I love linux

    and the soldering iron has been my friend for a while.

    But which AP? I cant decide for months already

    The more i learn the harder to decide

    My thoughts are running infinite loop now lol

    Need help and eyeopening

    I really want to build the BBBmini but i get voices in my head saying

    `can/will linux crash?`

    `is pixhawk running stable lower level machine code or is it less likely for Nuttx to crash vs Debian?`

    `get a pix + onboard linux with mavlink over ssh`

    `build a bbbmini, leave the bbbmini only to fly as AP to increase stability,  and eventually connect a companion computer onboard running mavproxy, ssh server, and eventually myb Ros etc`

    I do want something reliable with OSD options for FPV and running APM

    pls forgive me if this sounds newbeeish or wierd. English is not my native language

    Ive got it all running smoothly on linux Sitl but i donno which actual hardware to use

    any thoughts on this wld be greatly appreciated

    brgds & thx for everybodys work here

    • Linux flight controllers are still experimental. If this is your first multirotor I would recommend using a standard flight controller like a Pixhawk just to get the feel of how things work. It seems you can handle a Linux based flight controller and I think the BBBmini is one of the best but it is a big jump to do it all for the first time.

      A multirotor is not an easy project to build from scratch and it might be nice to do a simple one to get started, then you will understand some of the issues like PID tuning etc.

    • Thanks Mike ... greatly appreciated  !

      u are 100 % right, i do need to first go thru the steps and start slow

      but ill get there and when i do, im defnitely going to give this beauty a shot

      excellent work Mirko. looking forward to it

      thx again

  • great work, I am assembling one for my self.

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