• My BBBmini with M8N works normally on Mission Planner via udp.

    • Hi Mike,

      I am using a telemetry link when I see the difference in GPS status


  • I am getting some inconsistent results so I could use a comment on what is normal.

    First can anyone explain the command line options for the ArduCopter.elf. I see the ones Mirko has noted in his instructions but not sure how they are supposed to work. The -B is clear and the GPS but tcp and udp, which I need are not clear. What other command line arguments are available? On the tcp and udp it is not clear what address is required, the local or remote client? It appears with udp it is like in broadcast mode and the client just listens to the incoming broadcast?

    When I first started testing and run the Arducopter.elf file, with good arguments the cursor would return and stay and no feedback that the code was running, but it would work and I could stop it running with ctrl-c.When I would give it bad arguments it would fall into the cli but as if it was serial and the baud rate was wrong with upper characters in the ASCII set etc.

    In the second test, trying to create the wifi bridge, I would get into the cli all the time even with valid arguments. Many times I could not ctrl-c out.

    So what is the normal response to starting the arducopter.elf code and what are the full set of command line options. I don't see them documented anywhere on the wiki. What is the normal termination method?

    Cheers and thanks for the help.

    • Mike

      Regarding the UDP side I'm using '/home/debian/ardupilot/ArduCopter/ArduCopter.elf -A udp:192.etc.' followed by :14550 the '192. etc.' is my home computer that's running Mission Planner

    • Jon, What to do you see at the command line after you type that?

    • At the moment I'm bench testing the BBBmini with an ESP8266-07- waiting to see whether anything freezes. I'll connect an ethernet cable once I've finished. Have you tried connecting up to Mission Planner?

    • I've just started it up with just the udp command. The curser goes to the line below but nothing else is displayed on the putty screen. It connects okay to Mission Planner. Did you manage to get your second IMU wworking okay?

    • Yes, I can talk to it udp with Mission Planner but my test sessions act differently each time. The last time I got the CLI displayed after starting it up everytime. The first couple of sessions it acted as you described.

    • Sorry Jon, no I have not gotten to trying the second IMU. Still trying to get my WIFI bridge to the ground station.


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      Should continue that after testing awhile, starting and stopping it, it always drops into the cli.


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