Lidar Lite on BBBMini

Has anyone tried using Lidar Lite with the BBBMini? I know some of the early Lidar Lite units had I2C issues and the recommendation was to use PWM, but can the later units be used (via I2C) or is there still no support? Also, would it be possible to use one of the PRU on the BBB to read the PWM from the Lidar Lite?

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  • I have successfully gotten Lidar Lite V1 working with the BBB. I made just a couple of modifications to the sonar code and created a new test program for it. I seem to be getting good readings at this point. I am going to consult with Mirko about getting this added to the repository. I will post here when it gets added.

    • Hi,

      good work, could you send me the necessary modifications?



    • Mirko,

      I sent you a PM with a link to the changes.
    • Developer

      great stuff! now i want such Lidar Lite.

      Do you have an idea if it should work with the v2 Lidar Lite as well ?

    • Yes, it should work with v2 as well as v2 still has a PWM output. However, v2 does not have the I2C issues so we could look at getting it running that way as well.
    • Developer


  • @Mirko Denecke,

    Would you happen to have written or be able to write a "check hardware" type program (similar to so that I can attach my Lidar Lite to pin 16 on the P8 header on a bare BBB (I don't have the BBBMini board yet) to see if it works with the existing rangefinder code you wrote for the HC-SR04? I think it will work if we just change the calculation from 58uSec/cm to 10uSec/cm. There may need to be some other minor changes made so that we can better control what the Lidar Lite is doing, but this would at least get us started.



  • I like the idea of UAVCAN as well. However, I have one of the original Lidar Lite units from the Dragon Innovation campaign so would really like to get the PWM working.

    Thanks for everyone's interest!
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