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  • David,

    Good idea to make it private.

    Seems I am the only one using FB and twitter :)

    Redemptioner, I think you and I may be a good team, as we seem to be the opposites. I am new to remote controls and electronics, but have about 28 years of programming so am confident to compile and upload to arduino.

    I might be able to make a park somewhere on Saturday, but am not available Sunday as I will be out firing rockets off.

    If we want to fly smallish planes we might be able to use Graceville park, which is just behind my house, it's two large cricket fields, but most weekends it is full of cricketers. Which we won't know if they ate p,suing there until Saturday morning.

    My plane is pulled apart at the moment, so this will be good motivation for ,me to connect it all again. I am a beginner flyer, with only a few months experience.
  • Moderator

    Catching up sounds good.  I'll PM you my mobile number as I don't use FB or twitter either.  Would be good to talk about the 20 questions more. (;

    Btw all - I just changed the groups settings from public, to private as our messages were ending up on the front pages of the website. Whilst it's important stuff, probably doesn't need to be there. (;


  • Oops - it turns out that the meetup this Friday isnt a general nerd meetup - it was a private event - (still join the facebook group) 

    Lets try and arrange some time next week or so to meet up for a drink somewhere.

  • Redemptioner - I would not recommend buying a drone cell - there are better cheaper solutions - I bought a drone cell - had a lot of problems with trying to find information about it - and then after about 2 days of using it the solder started to fall off it - and they refused to warranty it - and three months later - I am still waiting to get it back from them. 

    There is a meetup of Twitter users (Nerds :) ) this Friday  if you are interested we can meet up there as well - its at the SHIP INN (South Bank) at 6:00 pm - its a very casual good group of people - I will be there. is the Facbook group - for more information. if you want - I can tell you how we went with Drone Cell there.

    Brisbane Twitter Underground Brigade Username: @BTUBgigs G+: Flickr:…
  • Moderator

    Hey Redemptioner, welcome to the group.

    Certainly like the idea of meeting up and doing some flying, even racing.  I'm currently in MElbourne for work (down here for a little while) but do head back to BNE frequently, so will be in touch. 

    I see the Hex in the picture, have you made any/many mods to it?  Do you use FPV at all and how have you gone with setting waypoints within MP.  Are you using it for fun, or do you have a specific purpose in mind?  Sorry for the 20 questions, but just interested. (:


    And JB, how is the VTOL going?  I would still love to see some pics of what you've done.

  • No worries at all.

    Is there a specific 3G drone cell that you are referring to?  If so, can you please give me a link, because I'm very interested in checking it out.

  • "Jean and I have been talking on her "Anyone here from Brisbane?" page."

    I should point out that I am in fact a guy haha.  Jean is pronounced like John.  ;-)

    But thank you for the tip regarding 4G.  It's certainly not one of my areas of expertise (yet) so I can use all the help I can get.

    Have you got an FPV system using 3G set up?  If so, what was your latency like?

  • Moderator

    Hey JB, how is the tailsitter going?  Would love to see some pics of it.  I took my quad out last weekend and performed a couple of tests.  First flight wasn't super successful - I was testing how moving the centre of gravity on the quad impacted flying [a lot it turns out], but the second was better.  Got some interesting video here -

  • I'm working on a tailsitter quad with variable incidence wings, optimised for fast and maneuverable horizontal flight.  Hoping to use Telstra's 4G network for FPV and telemetry.  Always keen to meet like-minded people 'round these parts.

  • Moderator

    Hey guys, welcome.  It's good to see some more names in the Brisbane group.


    I thought it might be an idea to briefly say what we're working on just in case we can help each other out.  I know a few of us have been active throughout the forums so we may have some idea, but could be good here too.

    As for me, i'm working on a tracked quad with the eventual idea for it to be remote enabled to search a pattern, look for heat signatures and movement.  I'm just doing a proof of concept at the moment, but will eventually move to a plane for the range.

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Recently purchased my first hexcopter, having gps problems not allowing me to arm or calibrate

Hey guys and firstly thanks for the add. I purchased my first hexcopter last week off a guy in Brisbane, when I picked it up he showed me it flying and doing everything it was told too hahaha. Now once I got it home and installed the driver for the usb and apm planner 2.0 I have been drowning. I can connect to the flight planner via the cable and calibrated my radio. I can not get the usb to talk to the flight planner even after changing the braud rate back to 57600. The other problem I am…

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Part time positions available

Hi all,Due to decent growth across the eastern seaboard, SkymationUAV is looking to hire a couple of people on a part time basis to help with demonstrations, technical discussions with clients, UAV building and software development.If you're interested, please reach out to me via danders [at] skymationuav [dot] com [dot] au with why you're interested, how you can assist and a brief background on your UAV experience and we can chat further.  Please note that this isn't just related to multi…

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SEQ Drone User Group

Hi everyoneFollowing this post on the DIY Drones forum, I have started a Meetup group for drone / UAV operators in the South East Queensland region.You will find the new group here.The purpose of the group is to host regular meetups for drone enthusiasts and commercial operators, and to help improve public opinion regarding civilian use of drones.  Cheers!

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