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  • Hi Mate, Do you have a link to that group?  I don't have much time at the moment but I'm keen to see what's going on locally.  Need to make some time to catch up with fellow enthusiasts!  Cheers.

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    Hey guys, how are things going?  JB, how is the VTOL project going?  Would love to see some pics of it!!

  • I wonder what happened to Stephen and Redemptioner?  :-S

    Hope they haven't moved on to greener pastures!

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    Hey guys - so how did the meet go?  We had 6 people rock up in Melbourne with mainly quads, but all different models and configurations.  There was also one helicopter.  Was quite a good turnout.

  • Sorry, I didn't make it to the meetup today as my gf was ill.  I'm disappointed but hopefully there will be another meetup soon.

    How did it go?

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    Hey guys, I would love to be there but unfortunately i'll be in Melbourne.  Maybe if someone could take some pics?  I would love to put something up on here if eople are cool with that.

    Co-incidentally, i've organised a meeting in Melbourne for today.  Considering where things started just a few months ago, it's good to see a collection of people finally come together.

    Have a great day and I hope the weather is favourable! (:

  • Jean-Baptistse - I have sent you a message with my mobile number and details of the meetup.

  • Sorry for the late reply!

    Keen to join you guys on the weekend.  My gf will give me a lift there.  Can one or both of you private msg your mobile numbers to me?


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    I'm not sure if anyone is watching the 'glue on prop adapter' thread, but after I was talking about my new collets and using nail varnish to stop props flying off yesterday this happened this morning...

    "I was set for my a standard flight this morning, trialing some waypoints etc, when I see a full sized helicopter wanting to land on the oval i'm using.  I wait for the copter to land and the pilot spots the quad ibefore he's left the cockpit and we have a brief chat about it.  Pull out the video cam and record it fly away.  Filled with the 'coolness' of flight, I set up my quad, hit record on the GoPro and take off...  Get about 30 second into the flight and two props fly off. *face palm*  This was AFTER tightening strongly AND using varnish.

    Needless to say that it's not acceptable for the hobbiest, let alone what i'm trying to do.

    So, subsequently I ordered my Tiger motors with screw own prop adapter and CW/CCW nuts to replace the stock quad motors that came with my kit."

  • Redemption,

    I would be keen to have a look at the large Hexa and see it fly - I haven't seen a quad / hexa fly in person yet. 

    That park on fig tree pocket road works for me - what time did you want to meet up,  

    I will Message you my mobile number. 


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Recently purchased my first hexcopter, having gps problems not allowing me to arm or calibrate

Hey guys and firstly thanks for the add. I purchased my first hexcopter last week off a guy in Brisbane, when I picked it up he showed me it flying and doing everything it was told too hahaha. Now once I got it home and installed the driver for the usb and apm planner 2.0 I have been drowning. I can connect to the flight planner via the cable and calibrated my radio. I can not get the usb to talk to the flight planner even after changing the braud rate back to 57600. The other problem I am…

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Part time positions available

Hi all,Due to decent growth across the eastern seaboard, SkymationUAV is looking to hire a couple of people on a part time basis to help with demonstrations, technical discussions with clients, UAV building and software development.If you're interested, please reach out to me via danders [at] skymationuav [dot] com [dot] au with why you're interested, how you can assist and a brief background on your UAV experience and we can chat further.  Please note that this isn't just related to multi…

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SEQ Drone User Group

Hi everyoneFollowing this post on the DIY Drones forum, I have started a Meetup group for drone / UAV operators in the South East Queensland region.You will find the new group here.The purpose of the group is to host regular meetups for drone enthusiasts and commercial operators, and to help improve public opinion regarding civilian use of drones.  Cheers!

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