This is for anyone interested in the business aspects of UAV services based in the UK

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  •   Hi Felix, I'm a Kickstarter specialist.  I'm developing a device that allows drones to engage in racing and aerial combat,  like this one: 

        Crowdfunding drone campaigns are HOT!  Take a look at these  - they all made at least a million dollars, and they're all just camera drones - boring.

       -  Plexidrone     -   $2.2M    

       -  Micro Drone  -   $3.1M     

       -  Hexo+          -   $1.3M

       -  Onagofly       -   $3.4M

       -  AirDog          -   $1.3M

     The difference is, my device will attach to existing drones:

      I can set up a crowdfunding campaign that can do every bit as well, and with some decent marketing, even  better.  If interested in investing lease get in touch.

    Best regards,

    Earl Brown

    Drone n Base
    Enjoy this gaming drone from the future! Play dozen of exciting games with cutting edge mini drone. Pass missions & become the best pilot among your…
  • I am interested in joining an existing drone business as an investor or starting a drone services business with another person. London or South East England preferred

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