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Hi,Anyone live in the Kitchener Waterloo area that would like to join our club?Thanks,George

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  • How about next summer when Texans head north to beat the heat? The wife and I are thinking about summering in the Renfrew area this coming summer. Where is that in relation to Kitchener?

  • You can count me in!!  I have even started a page called the FPVracershub.com

    • Anything is possible!
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      good luck with this, I wish you were closer to me (east of montreal) and I would join.  Maybe we could do the same thing here and visit for organised events? 

    • why not?  ...sounds like a plan to me.

  • Hi, No problem, fpv or uav fun, it's all the same. KW likes both, our group is out to get together and meet people who like to talk about all things uav's. Whether it's fpv racing or going up for aerial photography/filming or talking about building and everything inbetween, it's all good. As soon as the weather gets better we get out once a week and have fun!

    Thanks for saying hi...

  • Hey George. I'm not terribly interested in going that fast myself but I'd love to come out and have a look!
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