Thermal cameras in Canada?

Does anyone have a good suggestion for a low cost thermal camera available in Canada?

I have found various suppliers for FLIR products, but they're export controlled from the US and the prices are insane.

I'm hoping for something sub $1000.

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  • FLIR in Burlington, Ontario is a good place to start. They are high-end, but,
    for some
    reason, their cameras have really low resolutions. They are very
    well known.They are accustomed to dealing with commercial and government

    and are growing weary of small-time inquiries from the DIY drone
    I think they need to start a consumer/hobby sales division:
    it could eventually
    account for 10% of their gross sales.


  • Do you own an BMW (X5) ? If yes, you have it there.


  • You must have seen this:

    ... I got no response when I contacted them though....

    Please post if you are able to find a solution.

    Good luck!

  • This place has a Canadian distributor, but it looks like their products are also shipped from the US:

    You should talk to these people:

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