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      Hi Cala

      If you are designing your own Catapult then you need to find the CG of the complete plane but both horizontally and vertically on the side of the fuselage(hold it up ant the nose or tail to see how it hangs. )the ideal attachment is about 50mm in front of this point. that is very rarely possible, you will also need to select a mounting angle for the plane in relation to the axis for the catapult. if you dont then the plane will pitch up or down badly as it leaves the catapult. 

      Be prepared for a lot of testing before you get it right. !!

    • Thank's for the information, that gives me more succesfull possibilities; I prefer buy it but I don't have another alternative to design it because here anyone sell them and we have severe restrictions buying thing's outside Argentine from this January :( .

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    We have built many catapults at and it is vital that the attachment point is in front of the CG. You can push the plane from the rear if you prevent the plane from lifting during the launch. There are other details that you need to address as well. It is a bit of a black art to get everything correct.
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