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X8 Catapult for sale

Drone start-up selling new X8 CATAPULT - used once in SAN FRANCISCO, CA. The Catapult is designed to launch medium to large UAV flying wings to give a predictable launch with complete operator safety. The Catapult comes complete with a detachable cradle for the X8 and other cradles can be attached in seconds to suit different aircraft including traditional tractor style planes for future expansion. 4.0kg + 0.8Kg (carriage) - 1.5Kg (static thrust) = 3.2Kg launch mass 55inch x 12inch x…

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Auto hand launch, something to try!

After seeing this Auto launch countdown, I liked the idea of having ten seconds to put your Tx on the ground, pick up the plane and then wait for the motor to spin, before launching.It seems that CONDITION_DELAY function works in FLIGHT PLAN menu in APM Planner in the COMMAND column.This way one can first delay the first command from happening (for instance TAKEOFF) and add the corresponding countdown sound in FrSky Taranis. 10 Second Countdown.wavI intend to try this out next week, once done,…

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