X8 Catapult for sale

Drone start-up selling new X8 CATAPULT - used once in SAN FRANCISCO, CA.

The Catapult is designed to launch medium to large UAV flying wings to give a predictable launch with complete operator safety.

The Catapult comes complete with a detachable cradle for the X8 and other cradles can be attached in seconds to suit different aircraft including traditional tractor style planes for future expansion.

4.0kg +
0.8Kg (carriage) -
1.5Kg (static thrust) =
3.2Kg launch mass

55inch x 12inch x 12inches, Weight is 36 pounds (15Kg ) +

24inch x 16inch x 12inch, weight is 22 pounds (10Kg)

900$ (bought 1500)



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