Just got my CX 20 and the first week has been a real challenge in both getting the thing in the air and dealing with the "use the search function" answers when I've read about 2000 pages already and not found what I'm looking for.

So I figured I would start a group for us noobs so we can share new info as we learn it and hopefully between us all, we'll all progress faster than if we went it alone.

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  • I'm sorry there's not a lot of information here. In a very short order of time I came to realize that the CX-20 - at least the one I had - was pretty much junk. I eventually ended up with a DJI 450 flamewheel frame, APM 2.8 clone, Flysky transmitter/receiver, UBlock MN8 GPS/compass unit and all is great now. The only parts remaining that are CX-20 are the ESCs and the motors. 

    The ESCs are simple to wire into the APM. The fat red and black wires go to the +(red) and -(black) on the PDB so they get a full 12v. The 3 wire connector goes into the APM output in the following order clockwise from front-right while looking down on the copter:
    Front right = output 1

    rear right = output 4

    rear left = output 2

    front left = output 3

    Just as in the CX-20, the middle (red) wire on the output to the ESC should be snipped. 

    There is one more wire on the ESC. That's a white wire. It's the voltage for the LEDs on the ESCs. I took the two in the back, soldered them together onto a single wire and connected it to the "S" pin on the rail of the APM on pin set 4. (Please note that these are numbered starting with "0" so it's the 5th set of pins)

    Pin set 5 is the beeper which I went and bought a beeper speaker from radio shack. 

    Pin set 6 is for the Green GPS confirmation light that turns solid green when you have GPS lock. 

    Pin set 7 is the red LED that lets you know if you have armed or disarmed the copter. 
    Pin set 8 is the same as pin set 4 except for the front set of LEDs. 

    Now that I've basically built a copter from scratch and there is no longer a CX-20 I don't expect to maintain this page but if anyone else wants to own it just let me know and it's yours.

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Horrific crash

So I learned a valuable lesson a few weeks ago. ALWAYS DO A PRE-FLIGHT CHECK! Even if you just landed and go to take off again. In my case, I had a prop loose or something and never checked after one successful flight. I had tweaked some of the settings on the auto modes like Position hold, altitude hold, and RTL. All three were still way too squirrelly for my comfort level so I put it back in manual and went to flying it myself. I took it to about 300ft about 75 ft in front of me and I heard a…

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What I've learned so far

This is the same exact product as the Quanum NovaThere have been different iterations with different compasses and GPS units.There are 2 other models that are not compatible with Mission PlannerThe "Open Source Model" is what you want. It appears that it uses a proprietary clone of the APM flight controller. I still don't know how to tell which version has been cloned and there are several different ones out there that all look different and the looks seem to have no bearing on what's…

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