To give the Companion Computer (CC) development group a little more structure I was hoping to create thread where specific Mission Profiles can be presented and discussed, so that they can be considered for adoption in the CC development.

The goal of this should be that we have clearly defined target for development, for each individual use case of the CC hardware and software. Ideally these "Mission Profiles" would be integrated into a single CC OS image and can be selected via a web-GUI running on the CC itself.

Note that the use case here is in the context of identifying the individual mission types where a CC can add value to that particular application. These are not necessarily platform dependent as the CC can be used on any platform. (UAV, UGV, ROV etc)

I welcome input and additions to the following list of Mission Profiles:

(In order of latency)

  1. Computer Vision Flight Control (CVFC) and video augmentation - ultra low latency - for avoidance and targeting etc
  2. FPV flying - ultra low latency for pilot control - typically no imaging processing required apart from OSD overlays - potential CVFC augmentation 
  3. Video filming - low latency for camera/pilot control to get correct frame - potential for CVFS, overlays, augmentation and tracking
  4. Still imaging - latency can be fairly high - image processing can typically take a few seconds without any mission drawbacks - Overlay/augmentation/tracking are possible, but can be mostly done on the ground GCS - CVFC possible

The outcome of this should be to define each use case and develop each resulting Mission Profile independently. 

Thank you for your input.

(Image for demonstration purposes only!)

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