• For the record, the board I own is a Hummingboard Gate based on the iMX6 by freescale. Mine is a MicroSom i4Pro version (i.MX6 Quad + 2GB). It includes some neat unique features compared to other small computing boards, such as: 

    -click on/replaceable Processor chip

    -input voltage of 12v

    -MiniPCie slot on the back

    -connection for some proprietary sensors using it's 'MikroBUS Click Boards' range of sensors. More info on those sensors here.

    -included RTC

    -powered USB ports

    -inbuilt wifi & BT 4.0

    Back/rear of board:

    However, one of the downsides to these somewhat more obscure boards, is that there is not yet available a fully working Linux Distro that enables smooth working of all the boards features. For example, the inbuilt wifi & BT doesn't work easily, the USB ports are not functioning smoothly. I hope they release something soon as I really like the potential of this board. It's going to be a while before I recommend this board for drone use.

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