ODROID XU4 + Flip32 "Master Blaster"

3691292163?profile=originalKind of a silly name, but it reminds me of the "Master-Blaster" duo from Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. Flip32 is running standard Baseflight firmware.  I connected the Flip32's UART to the UART on the ODROID's shifter shield via 75mm jumpers. If you look closely you'll see I've used ssh to connect from my desktop computer to the ODROID XU4 over our local network.  A Python program running on the XU4 is displaying the IMU data from the Flip32 using the MSPPG compiler-generator that my students and I developed last year.  There's a bit of yaw jitter at the end, which isn't evident when I use the Baseflight configurator to visualize the IMU, so maybe some electrical noise, not sure.

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