I found out that Arducopter Mega Mission Planner 1.8.3 'Auto Trim' Ch7 function really useful. 1) Fly 2) Hover your copter till its really stable (ensure all the Tx trims in the mid position) Switch Ch 7 Auto Trim ON and flick it back OFF. Observe the difference in stabilize really worked!

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  • My receiver is a 7/8 channel while my transmitter is a Futaba 6EX. Can I just change something on the transmitter to make APM and mission planner to register a channel 7.

    I really need to get my h quad tuned and trimmed.

  • bro,

    my quad frame is xaircraft x650, and just install apm2 as FC.

    like it so much, and just maiden today,

    just litle bit problem, in stablizeer mode, i have to keep my roll and pitch stick input to manage drift.

    if loiter  ok . what should i touch? apm2 setting or TX?

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