• Just an update Guys under Airframes  wings and Materials for those who are interested.

    we have a site :

  • we'er back again with a new set of builds this year proving ground for Airframe worthy materials

    with the PX34-A refit

    your basic camera plane that works.

    and the EPP Wing mini

  • if anyone interested materials to build their own wings or request an airframe only , so far we can recommend PX33

    mid size 36 inch wing , great for FPV function. just contact me about it.  flat profile with a internal bay spacing enough for basic FPV gear to fit in. added to that you can cut a flap straight through the bottom as bay doors for additional function.

    PX33 Wing by synersignart

    PX33 Baydoor by synersignart

    Px33 fly by at Dusk by synersignart

  • Typically these wings are build from a specialize foam rubber hence its durability and ruggedness

    great if you have to fly in places with now proper surface to land on. crash resistance for those big FPV and other payload carrying Drones

    and they can be acquire here
  • K so far Flying wings are the most simplest approaches to UAV as possible , still under the category of fix wings

    they do require alot of space to fly but thats ok if the requirement is to cover a large area.


    so far this year I've build on this concept


    44inch WS

    500g-600g AUW

    its its one of my first purpose build wing to carry payload


    its also one of my most rugged build too

    44inch   (90% all foam construction )

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