A user group for Indians interested in the designing and flying of drones, UAVs and any other autonomous vehicles.

Group for sharing places to fly, where to get stuff in India and other assorted R/C or drone related stuff

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  • Developer

    Hello people, 

    I've been really busy with development work, and I totally missed out on this group activity as I had no email reports :P

    The last post was more than a year ago (LOL) so lets get things a bit hot again ;) Anybody has any good build up and running?

    ~ Kabir

  • Admin

    yep,looks like it. Or they r all busy building some thing. But I  approve atleast one new Indian member every day. I guess most of them are hanging out else where ! Why don't you send invite to new one say once a month. cheers


  • Oops looks like no one hangs around this place....it feels like I am speaking to walls??

  • Hey Kabir,

    Can you change the profile pic for this group........It should embody the spirit of....!! INDIA !!

  • Hi Ananya,

    That sounds a bit intense, A cyclone is a big deal....it looks like even I am getting some rain and overcast skies In Nagpur, because of the clouds thrown around by this storm...


  • @Akcopter: Thanx bud....m sorry I am nt being able to comment regularly....well how do I put it....aftermath of CYCLONE PHAILIN that hit Odisha....the net connection has been dead since then.

  • Admin

    I am sure lot more are active.It is just that we are not talking or sharing info much. hope the group will get more proactive in future.

    Akcopter,welcome to the group.

  • Developer

    Great to see that the group is getting up to speed now with new members joining nearly every week, even though only 4-5 of us are actually active.

    @AKcopter welcome :D

This reply was deleted.

Tethered Drone from Car Battery

I am looking for some one with electrical engineering background built step down transformer for Tethering drone. The power source is Car battery. I will provide the equipment required to build.See the below link for more details.Ramesh http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/successful-tethered-flight

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