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  • Hi Michal Rus,

    Regarding your need for 4G control of pixhawk controller, out platform is focused exactly on this. We implemented a control link using UDP protocol with a low latency and minimized information transfer which increases reliability and reduces packets loss. Also the connection is encrypted with AES which is very secure. Our solution includes application on address and a device developed also by us dedicated for communications with drones, which is very low power consumption. This device is based on U-blox modem and GPS, which are very reliable. The droneroute device is connected directly to the pixhawk controller. For one drone the application usage is free, you only need to buy the device from us. Regarding the status of application, in three days we will enable an important page for the Flight plannning. This includes an algorithm for safe route generation, considering already existing routes known by the platform. The application is used for flight monitor and control, does not support yet any video channel.

    If you are interested in more details, please let me know.



  • Please see the draft version of the DroneRoute application on this link:

    We will keep updating it and adding new features. In several days we will provide a presentation about it

  • LTE for IoT is rapidly rolling out around the world

    The two LTE standards for IoT, LTE-M and NB-IoT, are being deployed very fast by the mobile operators in various countries. We are happy to see this, as DroneRoute platform relies on these networks as communication base.

    We still plan to have a version of DroneRoute device with additional GPRS support for countries where IoT mobile networks will come later.

    Here is the survey for the list of countries which deploy LTE for IoT currently:

    Commercial Launches
    In this section of the report you can discover more about Mobile IoT solutions that have been launched on commercial networks.   Below you can find a…
  • JARUS (Joint Authorities for Rulemaking of Unmanned Systems), developed guidelines for the Specific Operations Risk Assessment (SORA), which applies to drones from 'specific' category.

    For this category, to fly the drones you need authorization or declaration for each flight. Also, operators can get certificate for self-authorization of their flights. Most of the drones which are flown beyond the visual line of sight are part of this category and only small part might be in the certified category.

    The SORA methodology is rather complex and needs automated tool.  For that purpose we started implementing it as part of the DroneRoute platform. In simple words, when you will plan a flight (route) for a drone, besides the route validation, the DroneRoute platform will evaluate automatically the risk and if it's high will suggest the actions to take, to reduce it.


    JAR doc 06 SORA (package) | JARUS
  • The EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) developed the first draft of regulations for drones usage which you can find here:

    Shortly, it refers to two categories of drones:

    1. open, which are limited to maximum 120m above ground and should be alwazs in visual line of sight (VLOS)

    2. specific, these are operated with risk assesment, usaully under standard scenario which still to define. Any drone which fly out of VLOS is in this category. For example the drones for parcel delivery would be in this category since is not practical to keep them in VLOS

    EU plans to release the regulations by end of 2018.


    All the drones which you will operate through DroneRoute platform would be part of specific category. For this you might need either authorization, simple declaration or LUC (light UAS certificate) for self-authorizing the flights

    Opinion 01/2018 | Unmanned aircraft system (UAS) operations in the ‘open’ and ‘specific’ categories…
    In accordance with the proposed new Basic Regulation, for which a political agreement between the Council, the European Commission and the European P…
  • The IoDC protocol was updated with RTK, awareness and detected objects datagrams on the same link:

    public - Google Drive
  • Here is the DroneRoute communication protocol, which currently it is in the living state.

    Next we will add datagrams for the vecinity objects aware and RTK messages.

    Any feedback from your side is welcomed!

    public - Google Drive
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