FREE ESPrtk Rover manager + Pro tracking.

ESPrtk Rover manager + Pro tracking.

As you know, ESPrtk Base 3.x.x module supports collecting location data of ESPrtk Rovers modules. See more

We have developed a software called “ESPrtk Rover manager + Pro Tracking” specifically for ESPrtk modules, which is used to process and display the position, direction, speed … of the Rover in realtime.

This is the Lite version of that software.

This software supports multi-target tracking, alerts when speed limit, altitude or out of polygons ….

Along with a lot of other useful features you can see below.

ESPrtk Base module can collect the position of multiple rover (+1000) by its own Radio with distance of few kilometers or unlimited distance when using NTRIP / MQTT with internet connection.

You can use this software for projects to track self-propelled robots, aircraft, agricultural machines or even track people suspected of being infected with Covid-19 virus.

Just put the TX_UART0 output of ESPrtk RTK Base to RX_CP2102 USB (enabled Rovers location output mode), select COM port on your computer and enjoy.

You can download and use it for free.

Copyrighted software belongs to the ESPrtk development team –

 Demo video .

Note: The video below uses a random algorithm to illustrate the position of about 100 Rovers. In fact, you need to connect the ESPrtk module to your computer and turn on the COM port.

(We tested this software with a model of 1 Base and 5 Rovers in real life and everything works fine).

 Connect to ESPrtk module .

ESPrtk Rover circuit

ESPrtk Base circuit

 Communicate to ESPrtk module .

Polygon edit.

Custom style view.

 Satellite map + Street map.

 Custom Icon + Path tracking.

 Multi tracking Rovers + Count + Alert Error .

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I created 3 Rover’s, in the next video, I will show you how Base can receive and manage NMEA data from all 3 Rover’s at the same time.

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