3DR Iris+ Quadcopter Drone for Sale

we have decided to sell our 3DR Iris+

Designed to carry the Go Pro camera of your choice, the 3DR Iris+ is a proven ready-to-fly HD camera drone that’s packed with advanced GPS autopilot and camera modes that only 3DR offers.


  • Great choice for film makers who need to use their own camera
  • Built-in GPS autopilot
  • Remote controller with on-screen telemetry
  • With the optional GoPro Gimbal attached, the Iris+ delivers a rock-solid image and an unmatched degree of control over your GoPro’s settings including exposure, focal point and others.
  • 3DR is known for their world class autopilot software and advanced flight controls. The Iris+ is equipped with 3DR’s advanced Pixhawk autopilot system and advanced camera positioning options including Follow-Me.
  • Using 3DR’s Android-based Tower (DroidPlanner3) Mission Planning app, GPS-based flight planning and operation is as simple as drawing a flight path on top of a satellite map. Then, use Pixhawk to execute your plan.
  • You can interrupt or modify your flight plan while in-flight, too.

you will get everything the Case and Box, it has been flow a few times you will get the extra wings, Arms and extra batteries to go with it. for a price of $800.00 Dollars.




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