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  • wanting to purchase eBeePlus with SODA camera

  • Greetings,

    I would like to buy used (or new for that matter), junk 3dr SOLO motors and motor pods.

    Please contact me through this site. 

    Thank you, 

    Joe Homer

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FXT VIPER 5.8GHz FPV Goggle Video Glasses Support Wearing Glasses, Detachable 5inch Monitor, Diversity RX, DVR

high quality ,good price if need please contact me Professional FPV drone first person view goggle with 5inch LCD HDMI input Receiver monitor.Ergonomic design, Removable sunshade, no feeling of stress on your nose or eyes. you can wear glasses to use the goggles.5.8 GHz HD Receiver monitor, Support HDMI IN, Interlaced NTSC/PAL auto switching and 16:9 widescreen display (FOV: 69 degree)Built-in Digital Video Recorder(DVR), support one-key-recording, Built-in true diversity receiver,…

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Selling GNSS UB282 GPS/GLONASS Dual-System Dual-Antenna High Precision Heading Board with low price

Hi,I am selling several brand-new GNSS high precision heading board with low price ($400/each, the original price is $650/each), and below is the description of this product:UB282 is GPS/GLONASS dual-system dual-antenna board for precise RTK position and heading. The high precision board is developed by Unicore based on its mature BDS compatible multi-system GNSS SoC. With low power design and dual-antenna input, UB282 offers millimeterlevel carrier phase observation value and centimeterlevel…

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3DR Iris+ Quadcopter Drone for Sale

we have decided to sell our 3DR Iris+Designed to carry the Go Pro camera of your choice, the 3DR Iris+ is a proven ready-to-fly HD camera drone that’s packed with advanced GPS autopilot and camera modes that only 3DR offers. Great choice for film makers who need to use their own cameraBuilt-in GPS autopilotRemote controller with on-screen telemetryWith the optional GoPro Gimbal attached, the Iris+ delivers a rock-solid image and an unmatched degree of control over your GoPro’s…

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Arduheli on 3DR Solo cube?

Can someone please confirm that Arduheli can be installed on 3DR Solo Cube without issues? Since they can be bought for cheap and are small and compact I'm looking at getting one for hobby project.Before you ask, yes, I'm aware of all the hardware issues with the cube. Used to work professionally with the stuff.

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Low Profile Camera Car; Concept & Advice Request

Hello all. I've been operating quadcopters (and a hexacopter!) for a couple of years now for my company, and lately I've encountered a new challenge that such vehicles are not capable of performing.I have arrays of photovoltaics that have serial numbers on the underside that I need to locate. The process of doing so manually would involve physically detaching and lifting each module, a process that would likely take many hours, if not days, depending on the site.I am conceptualizing a wheeled…

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Insta 360 one R ( 1" )

Hi,I am thinking on getting an insta 360 one R with the 1" mod to do some aerial photography and as bonus with the 360 mod also can create 360 footage.Does any one know if it is possible to trigger the camera with a cable remotely ? (sending some signal or short a pin to ground).i can't much info for this camera at the moment.Thanks.

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