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Still working on a tray to mount all of the electronics on. What is not pictured is is 2 voltage monitors for the lipos, and the other battery. If anyone has any suggestions I am all ears. Hopefully the electronics on the top that close to each other won't cause any excessive noise or stuff.

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    • Calle,

      Here is a photo from 83 meters in hight.


  • Nearly finished...
    only need to build a wire harness for the VTX and install video equipment.
    After that I only need to laminate it before maiden.
    Notice the plug in wings for easy transport3692909233?profile=original

    • Had a chance to fly it yet? How is the air speed sensor working out for you? I mounted mine way out on the wing just to be outside of the prop flow.

  • New tray and other goodies installed. This is just a foam try with black tape. Final versions will be carbon or balsa. Something light weight. I want to make it so I can also snap 2 5000mah hour batteries in a final tray as well.


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