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  • Hello fellow FX-61 pilots. I have posted a comprehensive description of my Phantom v2 configuration in the blog section:

    FX-61 build configuration part 1

    FX-61 build configuration part 2

    As always, critical comments are welcome :]

  • hi flying buddha, can u share the param file of FX-61. it would just help me tune the aircraft better. i am also flying FX61 for last 6 months.

  • Hey guys I just wanted to share my flight time on the using the new HK Multistar Battery 3S 5200 MAh:

    Phantom FX-61 Stock set up (I replaced the the 30 amp ESC with a 40 amp)

    APM 2.6 (GPS, Airspeed sensor, Battery monitor)

    Fatshark 200 mw transmitter and 600 CMOS camera

    Wind: 7 to 10 mph from the NE

    I was able to get 40 minutes on one battery (80% was used). I put the aircraft in 45 m loiter circle. I choose this battery because it seemed to be weight less then the other out there for its size. I will be also tesing a Zippy compact 5000 MAh and a Nanotech 5000 Mah this weekend. 

    battery: http://hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__56839__Multistar_High_Capaci...

  • 3701697627?profile=original

    My APM is mounted, I am currently not using ELEVON_OUTPUT, but will try that, I just don't trust not having more mixing and control on the transmitter just yet.  Setup switch currently for Manual, Stabilize and Auto - stabilize from ground test moving it around looks good, so will be trying that out in the air, then I have a ground mission setup near a field out by our local municipal building


  • 100KM

    I've been working up to a 100km attempt.  I knew 2 5000mAh packs would not likely make it, but I wanted to see how they would do.  I hit 32km last weekend on 6S2200mAh (2X3S2200mAh) with 40% remaining.

    The forecast was not favorable.  I couldn't wait for better conditions, so I gave it a go anyway. It was chilly and windy. 20-40 kpm wind. I should have known a distance attempt was pointless in this wind with my cruise speed, but why not.

    A butt-numbing 2 hrs 31 mins later, she finally landed. 2X3S5000mAh in series. MP saying 20% left in the packs. 75 km total distance.  Personal best!


    Notice the ground speed (blue) reflecting the effect of wind. At times it hovered like a kite.  Not great for covering ground.

  • Does anyone have a pids file for this platform? I think I have it pretty close but this is the first wing I've setup with ardupilot and I probably did something wrong.

  • I have a couple sx260s one of which is going in a X8 but is anyone using a camera similar with the phantom? I only want to have the apm/gps 900mhz telemetry and the cannon and would like to see if i can get 50 - 60 min out out of it but all I have seen is people doing fpv stuff and getting about 30 minutes and its not really worth it for me. I guess I would need to just do my own testing.

  • Anyone using CHDK with a camera yet? I am thinking of picking up a Cannon S160IS when black Friday comes up for $79! This plane is going to be so heavy. Haven't been able to do as much as I wanted with it yet due to life. I need to repair my crappy Accucel-6 charger that died after 4 uses. What a waste lol.

  • Ok starting my apm build as we speak. Not sure if I want to place the apm 2.5 under the spar or near the rear. Going to do some tinkering and see what I come up with! 

  • The group is steadily growing! We now have 12 members. I need to upload some photos and do some test flights but I am pretty busy with work and college at the moment, so for the rest of you, show us what you got!

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Zeta FX-61 / Wing Wing 845mm

Has anyone else tried one of these out? I bought one just for something to play with and its pretty much a scaled down FX-61. In fact most are listed as FX-61 845mm planes but lately the "wing wing" (Which seems to be identical) has been popping up on amazon and other places. Just wondering if I should start out with a config file from my full size and also if anyone else has played with them....

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Okay, So I have my stock setup, but I also have a bunch of 2217 1050kv Turnigy motors which is a pretty dependable, and Is my Go to motor for allot of things. I also have a 40 AMP Blue series ESC (Very Nice) and an Extremely nice Turnigy SK3536 1400k Motor which I bought for another build. (A heavyweight FPV) Now this motor is almost Identical in Size to the OEM motor.....But its 1400KV. I have a pair of 4000 MAH I was going to use one at a time, and 2 2200 (all 3S)  Baterry that are both new…

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COG, Weights and more.

First off Im fairly new to R/C planes, but not to electronics or the Ardu-Family. So I started with a bixler, but as soon as she was done I ended up selling it (without it ever being flown) but I had it pretty tricked out, and it got my feet wet (btw I heard she flew great)I had wanted a flying wing style for awhile, and this seemed to be the best thing out there.I sprayed the outside with a very light coat of a protective material, although in hindsight I would have laminated…

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