Okay, So I have my stock setup, but I also have a bunch of 2217 1050kv Turnigy motors which is a pretty dependable, and Is my Go to motor for allot of things. I also have a 40 AMP Blue series ESC (Very Nice) and an Extremely nice Turnigy SK3536 1400k Motor which I bought for another build. (A heavyweight FPV) 


Now this motor is almost Identical in Size to the OEM motor.....But its 1400KV. I have a pair of 4000 MAH I was going to use one at a time, and 2 2200 (all 3S)  Baterry that are both new and I was thinking of running them in parallel. In fact I already have the y connector. Now I no so many people are having such good luck the stock setup.....and I hate to screw with perfection...But I do have a little added weight since there is an Ultra thin layer of this Bed-Liner like material on my plane (but so thin you can still see the little octagons in the epo so its not much. Im also runnning a cicuit board FPV Camera, FPV Transmitter, telemetry, A very small cannon100 hs running CHDK that will be taking photos from a hole in the bottom. And finally a 1300 MAH to power the FPV TX and the camera. 

So any ideas? Has anyone else ran something even close?

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