• Has there been any re-consideration into using the Myo armband for gesture control?

    • Here is a photo of my healed arm with the Myo on.

      It has a really nice feel to it, I and Keith think it isn't a bad idea to try it out.


    • Scott from Thalmic Labs here - this is awesome! If there's any way we could help out please let me know. We do have an iOS application for the AR Drone that will (pending Apple's review process) be available for iPad in the future, but so much more could be done and we would love to support that. 

      Also, if email works better feel free to reach out to me with questions - 



    • Hi Scott,

      Nice to hear you like the concept. Filip will start integrating the MYO band with an arduino controller in April, so we'll keep you posted directly and put some general information about our progress on this forum.

      Best Regards,


    • Do you guys know the port file for mission planner to put in the EXE active window? ArdupilotMegaPlanner10.exe doesn't work.

    • Hi,

      As Keith said it is an ongoing project. I have had my arm in a plaster cast for the past 5 weeks, but now I am finally back. :)

      I have taken closer look at what ThalmicLabs and the developers are doing:

      At first, we are going to do the predefined gestures as it is simply easier, but later on there might be a possibility of going and interpreting the raw data if it will result of any use to us:

      Interestingly, some developers already created programmes to control different apps such as Skype or MS PowerPoint - all these can be found on the MyoMarket:

    • In short, yes its still our ambition, Filip has broken his hand, so this has delayed things, but we expect to start again in April.

  • Hi guys,

    I have just received a notification that my MYO is on its way...

    Have you guys had any luck with it?

    Thanking your for your knowledge :)


    • Hi Gustav,

      As the Myo armbands have been sent with a significant delay, I got my Myo armband last month. 

      Right now it is a very busy period for me, but I will try to update it at the end of this month.

      Take care,


    • Hi Filip,

      Thank you for the quick reply.

      Take your time with it :) I was only asking as it would be awesome to be able to use the MYO with my drone.

      Thanks for the good work as I would not have a clue :) lol

      Have a good evening!


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