Daytona Beach, FL

About Me:

Has a very big interest and liking of UAS and Biomimicry, such as the Festo Bionic company and what they are doing. Loom into developing future technologies and fly UAS in the industry as well as hopefully one day have a part in help shaping it. I practice parkour and love to learn anything that can make me a more useful person in the world.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I am highly interested in developing new UAVs, flying them, testing them, and using them in a field of homeland security, as well as finding more civilian uses for them such a video and photography. Am currently working on research for using new and current existing NUIs for UAS control



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McDanolds replied to Simone Chiaretta's discussion Pitch is reversed: where should I fix it?
"Thanks for the tip on going to the advanced parameters. It got my pixhawk working clean. The exact advanced parameter is RC2_REV. It has to be switched from 1 to -1 to reverse the channel for pitch. That is if channel 2 is still set to pitch in the…"
Nov 8, 2015
McDanolds replied to Keith Geary's discussion MYO by Thalmic labs to replace an RC Transmitter for manual control in Gesture Control
"Do you guys know the port file for mission planner to put in the EXE active window? ArdupilotMegaPlanner10.exe doesn't work."
Jun 18, 2015
McDanolds posted a discussion
With technologies coming out like the Leapmotion controller, MYO armband, Oculous rift, Omni vortex, and even in the near future the microsoft Hololens. Do you think these technologies will bring about a change or another option for the way we fly…
Mar 3, 2015