I was doing the first preliminary tests and was testing to see if everything looked ok.

Throttle, yaw, roll all works fine: if I move the stick the copter moves the way it should.

The one one that is reversed is pitch: with the front arm pointing forward, if I raise the stick, it pitches back (as in, coming toward me), while if I move the stick to the min, it pitches forward (like going away from me).

It looks like it's reversed, but it's weird because the radio configuration on the mission planner said it was ok.

Is there something wrong in the wiring up? I don't think so as apart from this little problem the copter looks like it's behaving correctly. Should I reverse the channel on the radio? or on the mission planner?

Or maybe it is correct that way and it's supposed to work the opposite way I think it should (stick up-raise front arm => pitch back, stick down-raise back arm => pitch forward)?

Thank you


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You can just reverse the pitch under radio config in Mission Planner. Whatever feels comfortable to you is correct.

first lets get nomenclature correct... In pilot terms

"stick up" isnt really a correct term.

Think of it this way, put yourself in the cockpit... the pilot pushes the stick forward usually means pitch nose down (decend); pulling stick backward, pitches the nose up.


Thx for correcting me... I didn't think of it that way...but powerful analogy.

So it is correct what I was expecting: stick forward, nose down, pitch forward.

If that's the correct behavior then the default implementation is the other way around, so I need to reverse the channel.

I just realized than instead the Arducopter manual says that what I'm seeing is correct and I should not reverse it (CH 2: Pitch Forward = low PWM (stick back) – Pitch Back = High PWM (stick forward)).

So, what is the correct behavior? It feels more natural the way you described it, but docs and implementation say the opposite.


So should I want to reverse, it's better to do it on the Mission Planner than on the TX configuration?


If in flight and you push the stick forward and you want the copter to pitch forward, but it pitch's backwards, you need to check the box in the radio config to reverse the pitch.

picture a joystick sticking out of the top of your quad, if you tilted the stick forward what should happen?

as far as pwm statement on the wiki, I reserve that responce to the author :)

If it was a joystick, I would expect to lower the nose when I push the joystick forward.

But I understand why it is the other way around in the APM: in a normal airplane, to put the nose down, I'd need to lower the elevators, so that's probably why PWM has to be low for the pitch forward.

But I wonder why they don't mention the need to reverse the pitch channel anywhere in the documents.

Yeah, I understood that: was wondering if it was better to configure the reverse in the reverse menu on the radio, or in the radio calibration in the Mission Planner.

But I guess I'll do that in the Mission Planner, just to keep all configuration there, but how do I do that?

In the latest Mission Planner the checkbox for reversing channels disappeared.


I really couldn't live with the idea that I had to reverse the pitch channel to have it working correctly, so I searched around the site for something that could explain it (btw, the google search is much better than the internal search).


Basically it says that it's a bug.

I created an issue for that: http://code.google.com/p/arducopter/issues/detail?id=531

Simone - did you get this resolved? I was also used to use the reversion checkbox in the MP, but it is gone now ... Thanks

Hello all I have the same thing I want to reverse the pitch but can't. It is not longer an option in the mission planner?

I have a DX7 and thought I have reversed it on that but still does the same thing, so can someone let me know have to change the pitch in the mission planner?

Anyone get back to you?

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