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Ron Joly replied to Simone Chiaretta's discussion Pitch is reversed: where should I fix it?
"There were a couple of mission planner update a while back that had mysteriously reversed my pitch controls, the next update fixed their error."
May 21, 2016
Ron Joly replied to Olav Bakka's discussion Payload of 20 kg or more
"That is a viable option and can work.
Hell you can even configure it to propel the canoe forward once on the water, that would be kind of neat to see."
Apr 5, 2016
Ron Joly commented on Gisela & Joe Noci's blog post Namibian UAV Draft Regulations presented last week by Department of Civil Aviation.
"Namibia is the best African country to visit, It's beautiful and best of all Safe.
The country is made for drones, mostly flat, virtually no air traffic and breathtaking scenery.
Last year the only way I could fly there was to join the Windhoek…"
Mar 24, 2016
Ron Joly posted a photo
Mar 15, 2016
Ron Joly replied to Don Pillow's discussion Another 0cto design
"Looks good.
I think the only concern I see right off the bat are the motor mounts. I am not sure if you designed them to break if you crash, They look weak (thin) and possibly weakened with the weight reducing cuts you made.
I guess lift efficiency…"
Feb 21, 2016
Ron Joly posted photos
Dec 24, 2015
Ron Joly replied to Don Pillow's discussion New heavy lift design
"Looks Good.
You shed a lot of weight on your plate design (thumbs up). maybe 3mm plates would have been better?
16mm tubes!
This should be a very lightweight heavy lift machine.
Hopefully stiffness is not sacrificed.

Let me know if you are happy…"
Oct 24, 2015
Ron Joly replied to Aussie in AZ's discussion 1 battery vs 2 batteries that equal the same mah?
"One battery simply is not a good thing for my drone since I placed the GPS in the center (I designed it for 2 batteries anyway), Having 2 batteries means I have more options as to where to place them."
Oct 20, 2015
Ron Joly replied to bob cooper's discussion Survey for Safety
"That looks pretty sexy but you should be designing frames with those design skills not prop guards.
Looks like it weighs more then the frame.
Does it allow enough clean air or does the design degrade propeller efficiency?
it looks great but at what…"
Sep 16, 2015
Ron Joly replied to bob cooper's discussion Survey for Safety
"Yes   Drones or any other dangerous thing needs to be a safe distance away from children.
No    I have safety concerns but I lessen the risks by following the operating tips and guides found on this site and others.
Yes and No  I could create prop…"
Sep 12, 2015
Ron Joly commented on Ron Joly's blog post Part 2 My Parts List for Giant DIY Octocopter
"I am glad the list was of use to someone.
I re-used the parts to make a new Octocopter.
It flies like a dream.
videos  https://www.youtube.com/user/ronjoly/videos
photo album http://diydrones.com/photo/albums/my-new-octocopter-1340mm"
Sep 7, 2015
Ron Joly replied to Teresa Jay's discussion Help Needed in Selecting Hex Frame
"50lbs eh.
I hope your hardware is up to the task to lift 50lbs. U8 motors, 24" props minimum, 12S Lipo's etc
You might find more luck "and thrill" by designing and building your own frame besides there are no multirotor frames that I know of that…"
Aug 27, 2015
Ron Joly posted photos
Aug 24, 2015
Ron Joly commented on Ron Joly's photo
"Btw .. it is also a battery mount."
Aug 24, 2015
Ron Joly commented on Ron Joly's blog post Part 2 My Parts List for Giant DIY Octocopter
"I am making a completely new one.
It is 70% complete and designed a bit differently then your typical Octocopter.
I really really like how this is one working out.
I will make a new Blog Post."
Jul 31, 2015
Ron Joly replied to Virgil's discussion PIWHAWK and AERO SKY QUADCOPTER in PIXHAWK
"There can be several causes of unstable flight.
You need to describe in greater detail what was so unstable in flight.
Was the quad spinning in circles in flight?
Was it wobbling in flight?
Was it uncontrollable?
How much power was available, did it…"
Jul 12, 2015