Hello everyone,

I am trying to fly an  AeroSky C6 RC 6 Channel Carbon Quadcopter Almost Ready to Fly that I modified by installing a PIxhawk flight controller, switch, buzzer, and compass. As the Radio, I am using an FR Sky Taranis. I did the whole set up on Mission Planner, ESC and motor calibration, and props are in the correct orientation. The quad only lifted about 10 ft , and it was also very erractic/unstable flight. I would appreciate any other advice as far as what could be the problem.

I could not attach any video because they were too long- over 7 MB, so I am attaching a picture.



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  • To start auto tune it at least needs to be able to get in the air safely. It looks like the Rate P terms could be a bit higher. Can you connect to mission planner and get the log file for your last flight?
    if the rate I term is not the same as the P term then raise p a little ( use the slider bar and I term will then be equal to P term) I will take a guess that the p term is 0.15? Try 0.17

    Also the mounting of the Pixhawk is critical. The tape is not a good solution, although i don't think it is the cause of your problems at the moment it will cause issues.
  • Thanks everyone for its reply. Here is a link to a video clip showing the quadcopter flying:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_v9U3LhDAbFc1dadjh0aEI3X28/view?u...

    • That beep sound indicate a battery failsafe, if you are using a fully charge lipo, then you must be set the battery treshholed level too low. Your quad seems to be twitchy, i think you should tune your pid, an autotune is working great.

    • WOW.......... what about turbulance???????????? Wind AND a building near by......?????

      Try inside a (large) building (or no wind) and see what it does.

    • Did you fly in a windless situation yet?

      And how did it behave?

  • There can be several causes of unstable flight.

    You need to describe in greater detail what was so unstable in flight.

    Was the quad spinning in circles in flight?

    Was it wobbling in flight?

    Was it uncontrollable?

    How much power was available, did it lift off with 50% throttle or was more required?

    Is there any play in the boom arms, do they wobble side to side or up and down standing still? Are they stiffly attached to the top and bottom plates?

    compass and accelerometer (pixhawk) calibrated?

    It lifted off which is a good sign instead of flopping over just just prior to liftoff.

    At first glance I would make sure all your motor mounts are perfectly level.

  • T3

    Have you used some tape to fix the Pixhawk? It looks like. So its most probably a vibration issue.

    And why tape on the GPS? The compass should not be able to move at all during flight.

  • Do you have the GPS last on? The ESCs contribute to over 300% noise and with the mast its like 4% noise to the compass
  • Did you do any PID tuning so far?

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