Part 2 My Parts List for Giant DIY Octocopter

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I still need to buy batteries 4 6S 25C 16000mah batteries and 16 18x6.5 CF propellers, I don't want to be in the middle of nowhere without spares. I will run 2 6S 16000mah batteries or more.The batteries $370 each propellers $100 per pair from Foxtechfpv.
This is what I have purchased so far and have in my hands after less then 10 days after ordering , I am pleased with the service and delivery I got from all the suppliers.

Qty.             Products                                    Total US Dollars                     
1 ea.     Pixhawk 915MHz Combo                              $219.99
9 ea.     Foxtech motor W5010K KV288                        $648.00
9 ea.     Foxtech Multi-Pal 60A OPTO ESC (Simonk Firmware)   $300.51
6 ea.     25mm Anodized CNC Arm Holder(Red)                  $19.74
2 ea.     3.0mm 3k Carbon Fiber Plate   $200.00
1 ea.     25mm 3k Carbon Fiber Tube(K130 upgrade leg)        $17.00
1 ea.     Tarot new 25mm Motor Mount/Orange                  $24.19
2 ea.     M3x45 12.9-grade Socket Cap Screw                   $4.10
1 ea.     M3x10 12.9-grade Socket Cap Screw                   $1.30                                                                                              
1 ea.     5.8G 600mw 32CH VTXRX         $96.00
1 ea.     Boscam Explorer Plus Full HD FPV Camera            $99.00
20 ea.    14 AWG Silicon Cable Black 10cm                     $6.00
20 ea.    25mm Anodized CNC Arm Holder(Red)                  $65.80
20 ea.    12AWG Silicon Cable Black 10cm                      $8.00
50 ea.    Heat Shrink Tubing(F1.5mm/1m/RED)                   $7.50
40 ea.    Heat Shrink Tubing(F9mm/1m/BLUE)                   $14.00
2 ea.     Amass Adapter Plug XT60 Male Head to T Female Head  $5.98
20 ea.    14 AWG Silicon Cable Red 10cm                       $6.00
20 ea.    25mm Anodized CNC Arm Holder(Blue)                 $65.80
10 ea.    Tarot Suspended Motor Seat Screw Group             $34.90
4 ea.     Amass T Plug                                        $2.00
10 ea.    Heat Shrink Tubing(F9mm/1m/RED)                     $3.50
2 ea.     Amass Adapter Plug XT60 Female Head to T Male Head  $5.98
2 ea.     5.8G RPSMA Clover Antenna TX/RX                    $16.98
80 ea.    16AWG Silicon Cable Red 10cm                       $16.00
6 ea.     Tarot X-series Metal Lock Stud                     $32.94
10 ea.    M3x45 12.9-grade Socket Cap Screw                  $20.50
5 ea.     Amass XT90-S Plug(Anti-spark)                      $19.95
20 ea.    12AWG Silicon Cable Red 10cm                        $8.00
80 ea.    16AWG Silicon Cable Black 10cm                     $16.00
40 ea.    Heat Shrink Tubing(F1.5mm/1m/BLACK)                 $6.00
8 ea.     Hook & Loop Strap(red)                              $7.92

Infinity Hobby
Qty             Product                                      Total
1 x       FrSky X8R 8/16CH Receiver [USX8R_PCB]              $32.00
1 x       FrSky 2.4GHz ACCST Taranis X9D Plus w/o case      $190.00
4 x       25mm 90 degree boom adapter (black) [US10170111]   $98.24
4 ea.     3 k matte twill carbon fiber tube 25x23x650        $82.32
12 ea.    3 k matte twill carbon fiber tube 25x23x550mm     $246.96
2 ea.     Carbon fiber 25mm tube cap                         $20.58
8 ea.     Aluminium Folding Copter 25mm Folding Connector   $258.64

I am too afraid to add it all up.

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  • I am glad the list was of use to someone.

    I re-used the parts to make a new Octocopter.

    It flies like a dream.


    photo album

    ron joly
  • Hi Ron - Thanks for doing this. I have been looking for a parts list and details for some time now. How is the build going? 

  • I am making a completely new one.

    It is 70% complete and designed a bit differently then your typical Octocopter.

    I really really like how this is one working out.

    I will make a new Blog Post.

  • Well Sadly until I buy a quality 8 folding arm brackets I am putting the project on hold.

    Those Chinese Folding arm kit destroyed my flying machine. (3 propellers, 2 arms and landing gear destroyed)

    I did manage a few 1 minute test flights but had a steadily increasing yaw until it was uncontrollable,

    It spun like a top, I blame the varying pitch some of the propellers because of the varying sloppiness of the folding arm kit.

    The folding arm kit were so horribly made that they introduced yaw and pitch in flight simply because of all the movement of the arms. The arms at half throttle moved upwards 3-4 inches, release the throttle and some arms dropped 3-4 inches. The mechanics of the folding arm kit locking is horribly thought out, they barely lock and there is sideways and upwards play in them.

    I zip tied the arms once and tried to fly but that did not work too well, better but no good enough.

    So, as soon as I buy better folding arm mechanisms this project stops. I have several to choose from once my bank account allow it.

    Won't be long.

    Man .. I loved doing this project and so did everyone around me. From a piece of paper and a dremel  a giant octocopter was born and flew nicely for 2 minutes until the arm starting wobblin like a gobblin  LOL

  • I have not decided on props yet, I may go to 18x61 to increase rpm. I am basically copying a Kraken K130's hardware configuration

    The K130 suits my needs nicely but I don't want a store bought one.

  • Well this is one project I will be following vicariously. Flying a monster octo doing survey work in Africa sounds exotic.
  • MR60

    What payload weight will you carry to do your magneto surveys?

    You might have a wrong configuration to use such big props on low kV motors to survey quarries. It will not resist typical whirling winds of these environments. For that you should aim for faster spinning props, thus increasing motor KVs and reducing your prop diameter. But I might be wrong not knowing precisely what your application is.

  • Yes, I will consider a parachute "I have room" but I have a plan to protect the Magnetometer and Sensor from the shock, I may use 2 sensors so I can gather Gradiometer data as well.

  • Fascinating project. You really should find a parachute for that beast you are making. It would be a tragic crash if it ever happened.

  • Looks good so far.  I look forward to see how this project shapes up.

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