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  • I have not seen it mentioned yet but have you fellow hams noticed the 3DR Ground Control station and those that have added Alt/Elev tracking using it?

    -=Doug KB4FEM

  • KD5ZZL Here.. just checking in.  I have a couple of Quads, still tuning the second one, (3DR Arducopter) .

    I have the 3DR 915 MHZ telemetry system, and I love using it with the Mission Planner. It has a stated range of a mile (100mw with a whip), I think the furthest I have been out is 1/2 mile.

    The 915MHZ system range could be extended dramatically I bet with better antenna's and bi directional amplifiers, and a tracking ground station antenna. With what I am doing right now, it is working fine with the included whip antennas

    I do hope to move to a longer range system for all rf components, video, RC control and telemetry.I have some tiny trackers somewhere and a small low power 2 meter handy talkie I might mount on my quad so I can put an APRS presence on the map..

    73, kd5zzl

    Anyway just beginning to scratch the surface of what can be done and loving every minute of it.

  • N8TV here. I do a lot of high alt balloon stuff. Looking to drop an X8 from 100k.


  • @Doug,

    I know of at least one project to build a homebrew RC controller, though it uses a 70 cm transmitter and receiver; perhaps we could find a way to build parallel transmission paths into a custom controller. Another option (what I will probably do with the drones I am building) is have the firmware configured to use the autonomous mode to return the drone to it's starting position if it looses communication with the transmitter.

  • Greeting fellow Hams,

    KB4FEM here, South Carolina.

    Regarding 6M, there is an small but ardent group supporting the MS2K project. Many of those folk are buying up the RC TXs from the 70s and making the mod/installation... bold project and in true ham spirit.

    I have often thought a 2m 'backup' RX for command control would be good insurance in the event of a 'flyaway' or loss of normal RC control. Perhaps the failsafe mode could allow a gradual descent...as it is now, my Spektrum RX pulls to throttle minimum... a sure crater-maker landing for my quad.



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  • @Eric, that's what happens when typing on a touchscreen device; it should be fixed now.

    @Asa, I had a chance several months ago to buy several 6 meter transmitters, but passed the deal up; I'm now kicking myself for that.
  • Has anyone tried to build a drone on 6 meters?  If so, did you use an actual transmitter or a ham radio?

  • Hams and Drones is

    good combo


  • KL0YB on board! Is there a reason for the ',' in the group title?

  • Welcome; if you're an Amateur Radio Operator, or are interested in becoming one, feel free to join the group and post discussion topics hee=re. 73 de Matthew N8OHU
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Using a drone to help place an antenna at the 80' to 200' level of a sturdy Douglas Fir tree.

I invite and welcome your comments and suggestions regarding the application that is described in this discussion. I have been building and flying drones for about three years, and am early in the process  of adding collision-avoidance to my Phantom 2 Vision, and then to a 3D Robotics  X8+. Once I have collision-avoidance working on the Phantom, I would like to add a solenoid release mechanism behind the camera. The release mechanism would serve to securely carry fishing line to a suitable and…

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help on quadcopter

helloo...i just build my quadcopter on kk multicopter board v5.5. The construction part gone great, but when i started controlling it through RC, am not being able to provide equal rpm to all the rotors for throttle up and down.So would u please suggest me some way, how to control throttle up and down initially...A little help from u wud be appreciable...!! 

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