You just purchased Live View

You just purchased Live view and realized it doesn't come with OSD.

Here's how to add OSD to this kit....


APM MinimOSD Rev. 1.1 Kit $49.99 -

FTDI Cable 3.3V - $17.95 -

Servo Extension Cable Female-Female - $1.25 -

MinimOSD cable for Pixhawk $4.00 -


You need the FTDI cable if you want change what is displayed on the screen.

Follow the instructions for the GoPro cable to attach to the MinimOSD board. Using the Extension cable plug the cable into the MinimOSD board with the white wire to the edge of the board. On the transmitter the black wire goes to the edge of the board.

Match the wire colors found on the MinimOSD wiki site -

Or use the Video/OSD Kit intructions -



You just need to find a place to put your MinimOSD board. I hot glued it to the transmitter.

Please note this works on IRIS not IRIS+ that has Telem 2 used for the radio. To use MinimOSD on IRIS+ you need a Y cable or remove your radio from Telem 2.



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  • Hi, I'm about to purchase LiveView.  Can you tell me what OSD is?  Will I need to include it with my purchase?


  • I followed your instructions. OSD boots up but I get "waiting for mav link". Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong?

  • Hello,

    Did you setup MinimOSD without a separate battery for powering up camera & transmitter? If so, how did you connect the power?

    Thank you,


    • The Live View comes with a battery splitter for the Gimbal and Transmitter.  The MinimOSD is powered by the Pixhawk(5V) and the transmitter powers the 12V through the 3 wire connector.

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