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connect iris+ with dronekit

The dronekit guide said for window7, the connection string is "com14"

However, the following command 

vehicle = connect('com14', wait_ready=True,baud=57600)

produced a timeout exception

when the command is executed, I can see the out-going led of the tel

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Iris+ & Tarot T4-3D

I'm cross-posting this from the "Iris" group forum.

I've read some excellent reviews on the Tarot T4-3D, and it has a price point a little closer to what I want to spend.  Currently, I have an Iris+...has anyone had any experience with the two?  It's

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Iris+ Motors

Hello All.

I have what may be a silly question but I am having a hard time finding an answer searching the web.

I need to replace a motor on my Iris+ and I have ordered a replacement plus one of each black top and silver top for spares. I have no idea

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