A few tips from a new user's perspective

Just got my Iris today.  Overall I'm very happy with it, but I have noted a few places where a new user could get tripped up.

1) Ignore the labels on the motors (as they may be in the wrong place as mine were).  Instead, follow the guidance in the booklet included in the box to determine where the props belong.

2) It's very difficult to push the prop inserts down over the black steel threads.  I recommend using the opposite end of the prop tool to carefully push it down until you have some threads exposed, then use the nut to torque it the rest of the way down.  Then take the nut back off and follow the instructions in the book.

3) There's a million switches, knobs, dip switches and buttons on the controller.  All you need to get started is the power button in the middle, the two sticks, and the two switches above the right stick.  I'm not sure if any of the other controls do anything, but everything seemed to work properly leaving them in the position they were in when it arrived.

The Iris was a lot larger than I expected.  My Hubsan X4 could fit entirely inside the main black shell.  That said, the Iris behaves a lot like the X4 (provided your X4 is setup for throttle on the left stick, movement on the right stick).  The main area it differed with respect to flying behavior is trying to make it descend.  It can be scary at first (it feels sometimes like it won't stop ascending) as you need to bring the stick down almost all the way to get it to start descending.  Doing that with the Hubsan would result in some tumbling and risk of a crash.

That said, I really liked how it descends.  I got used to it after 2 flights, and every landing was very smooth.

There's an accessory arm on the front to attach a camera or other device.  It's nice because you only need to figure out how to mount your bracket to the arm, not the Iris itself.  I'm already thinking about a searchlight, one-arm-bandit claw from an arcade, etc.  :-)

Again, I'm very happy with it so far.  It flies amazingly well, very smooth and easy to control.  Thank you to Chris and his team for making such a great product.


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    • That is what I had to do also. While it was open I made sure all the connections were inserted all the way.

  • Congrats!  I got mine today too.  Finally!  Unlike yours, though, mine doesn't work.  Lights all come on correctly, but the props won't start up for some reason.  I'll have to call support tomorrow. 

    I agree with #2 - I also struggled with the tight prop adapters. I was finally able to get them on by gently rocking the prop back and forth on the screw while pushing downward.  Then I used an 8mm socket to cinch the nut down.  (The little included wrench ended up being too irritating.) 

    Good tip on #3. I was confused for a bit about the top switches until I read the manual more carefully - just set the upper right switches.  I don't remember what the settings of the other ones were, though. :P

    Anyway, all the gear looks and feels high quality, just wish I could've flown it today.  I'm hoping it's something easily fixable - I'd rather not have to send it back, right after getting it!

    Cheers all!

    • Terpinol..Just a quick question regarding the props not spinning.  I had this same thing, but it was because I didn't hold the left joystick down and to the right for about 3 seconds in order to arm the props.  In order to disarm the props, the left joystick must be held down and to the left.

    • Thanks Ken, I tried holding the left stick down and right for over 20 secs, but still nothing.  Not sure what's wrong since the red safety button/light is solid (activated), the front light's flashing, and the transmitter seems to be running normal too. Of course, I went through the checklist several times, even took the bottom of the canopy off to see if I could find any obvious problems, like a loose wire, but nothing. I don't see an obvious way to take the top canopy off, but that'd be the next logical place to check. Before doing that, I'll try getting hold of 3DR support.

    • @Terpinol, Depending on what firmware you have, you may have to put both mode swithces into STB mode before arming, then try the left stick down and to the right to get props spinning, then switch the left mode switch back to LTR for easy mode.

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