• Im going to move that LED. Its in a poor place. Ya think they could of put it up higher or incorporated it by the arming switch. Any were but were its at! Them wires are just in a poor place.

    • Interested to hear how the Thunder Power goes they are good batteries. I was looking at getting the 3900

    • Hovering is usually 12.5 to 14 amps peaking at 15 amps in high winds so I picked 15 amps just to compare batts and run it till it hits the 10.5 vdc failsafe. Just some standard to go by.

      I am going to change my failsafe to 10.7 volts since if you are 50 to 100 yards from your "home" when the failsafe kicks in, you can get below 10 volts by the time it lands. I want to stay away from busting the 3.3v per cell barrier. The batteries seem much warmer if they get to that level. I've disciplined myself to not fly up against the failsafe. I start a countdown timer and head back when it goes off. I also keep an eye on the battery via telemetry.

      Please let me know how your 4400 does. If it gets to the 15 minute barrier I'll buy a couple.

       My logs are attached. I had 3 flights yesterday that aren't in there. My bench test comparing two stock batts and the Thunder Pro are there. The other sheet has all of the batt charges.

      in my batt charge logs VBC means "voltage before charging". I check it with a fluke right before I charge. I just started putting that in lately. Batt failsafe yes or no means whether I flew until the failsafe went off or not.

      I label my batteries with a numbering system. The stock batts are 1-1, 1-2, 1-3. The Thunder Pro is 2-1. Next batch will be 3-?. I'm using the first number for the order in which I bought them.



  • Um, I'm pretty sure that the props would hit each other at 11"...
    • They do hit each other, I verified it.

      I had (still have) the "Developer Edition" Iris and I occasionally got free props after various flight controller-related crashes while it was in heavy development. Once, they sent me a set of 11" props by mistake. Installing them, I knew they wouldn't last long because they make contact when running, but I tried them for a short time anyway. They worked great (besides the "hitting each other" part obviously). The Iris hovered easily at 30% throttle and had noticeably more lift. 

    • the new iris plus that was just released today has 11 props on it. cant believe you didn't end up getting into a bad crash with them props hitting each other. You got lucky.

    • No, I didn't get lucky, I stayed close to the ground and only flew for a few minutes. I also landed very often and checked the props' condition.

      Iris plus... I am so there.

    • Yes they would, unless they ran at slightly different heights.  So perhaps that only leaves blade pitch, number of blades, and blade material (rigidity).

    • I had a heck of a time balancing the stock props... they leave a lot to be desired. I would love an upgrade.
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