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Today at the park Iris took off happy, flew to my limit and came back like it should. I start flying again and Iris becomes unresponsive and heads for the ground, lands hard and takes off again, I was on loiter mode. I switched to standard mode to try to regain control. I was able to get it on the ground-upside down, but at least it didn't fly away again. Ruined one prop, but that's fine. I bring it home and connect to Mission Planner, did the accelerometer calibration just in case it got knocked off . Put new prop on and go to another place to try it out. Did good for a while and then started acting up again. When it went out to my limit at 150 ft away it just dropped, touched ground and took off again. I couldn't get it to come back to me, but I did hit the land switch and got it on the ground, but motors didn't want to stop After a minute they finally did. At the end of this ordeal my transmitter starts beeping-low battery for it. Could that have been my problem ? Low power on transmitter ? Should I reset everything back to factory settings and do all calibrations ? It seems like ever since I got to use Mission Planner been having intermittent problems.

Any ideas ?



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  • I am not a expert Iris flyer, but from what I know it shouldn't of been a low battery problem. When it gets low battery it is suppose to make a safe auto landing where it is, or perform a RTL.

      *  Did you try charging your battery till it was green, before performing your second flight?

          If so did it act up only when the battery was getting low again?

      *  The second time was it with mission planner used?

      *  Try just flying around in LTR mode, till the battery gets low. See if it will still act up that way.

      *  Try deleting everything that is on your PX4 sd card.  Before doing that backup your files just encase. 

    • Hi Nick,

      It was the batteries in the controller that were going down.

      I had a failsafe for Iris to RTL at 10.7. Never got that low.

      I have only used MIssion Planner to access settings on Iris. Have never loaded a mission into it. Generally fly in loiter mode.

      I did a factory reset last night, but I don't think weather is going to allow me to fly today.

      Thanks for the ideas,


  • Doubt that was the issue.  Need the logs off the copter to see what it thought was going on.  It will tell use if it had a failsafe condition and what it was.


    • I will see if I can figure out how to show you logs. Last night was the first time I tried downloading them and didn't see any for April 10. The most recent I saw was April 9-a day that I didn't fly-but did change altitude limits.



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