Can Simple Mode be invoked while in flight?

I programmed channel 8 on the TX to the THR switch. Changes were also made in MP to invoke "Simple Mode" on channel 8. Testing channel 8 on the TX works, as I see the PWM jump in MP and on the TX. However, while in flight and switching the THR switch on, Simple Mode doesn't get turned on.

I tested channel 8 and the THR switch with RTL assigned and all worked fine when the THR switch was turned on. When Simple Mode is assigned to channel 8 and switch the THR switch on before arming, the Iris is in Simple Mode. It's just when trying to turn Simple Mode on during flight that it doesn't work.

Reading the APMCopter Wiki, I was under the impression that Simple Mode could be invoked while in flight ("for cases when the copter is far enough away that it’s heading is not apparent.").

Just wanted to confirm if Simple Mode can be turned on while in flight, or only before arming. Thanks!

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  • Thanks for the replies and confirmation. Guess I'll do some more testing to see why it won't switch over while in flight.

    • I'm not real sure about this, but I THINK it depends on what mode you are in with the Switch 5 combo. I have done the same thing you have with Channel 8, and I know it works in at least some of the other modes. Carefully read the mode descriptions again, particularly the simple and super simple modes and see if you find an answer. If that doesn't work go out and test in different modes ;). BTW, I started with super simple mode, but that will only work if you have GPS lock, so I switched it to simple mode.

    • Here is what the arducopter wiki says: “Simple” and “Super Simple” modes are used in combination with the Stabilize, Sport, Drift and Land flight modes. Here is the reference:

      This is another good reason to learn to fly in Stabilize mode!

      I'm struggling with weather too. Its been raining for a week and looks like it will continue for another week :(.

    • Interesting, but that wiki statement is either wrong or outdated. "Simple Mode" also works in Alt Hold, Loiter and Position modes. I never tried "Super Simple".

      I can fly just fine in Stabilize. I was thinking more of when the + gets too far away for seeing the orientation to be able flip into Alt Hold with Simple Mode to have a controlled return back. Neither Alt Hold or Simple Mode depends on the GPS (just the compass). I'll try my Simple Mode switch on Stabilize or even Loiter/Position.

    • Good plan Larry. I'll try it myself if the rain ever stops.

  • I use as Sky says but simple mode and work for me too

  • Yes it can. I have a switch dedicated to super simple, but the effect is the same. That way if I lose FPV/loose orientation/ out of sight etc etc all i need to do is pull back on the stick and it will return. 

    • Thanks. Then I wonder why my switch isn't invoking Simple Mode while in flight. I know the switch works when set to invoke RTL and works to invoke Simple Mode before arming.

      I've verified the PWM exceeds 1800 when switched on. On the TX, channel 8 is set for 100 MAX on !THR.

      Any ideas?

  • I agree, it would be kinda useless otherwise. Keep us posted please.

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