Configuring MinimOSD for Pixhawk


I'm trying to configure MinimOSD for Pixhawk and run into a problem. I installed minimosd-extra 2.2 firmware on it, performed configuration. When I connect it to Pixhawk telem2 port I see only text like MinimOSD Extra version and telemetry does not show up.

Could you advise what can be a problem?

Thank you,


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  • Hi Roman

    telem 2 is defined as FrSky not MAVLINK change Telem2 to MAVLINK or better use a y-cable off telem1 make sure TELEM1||2 delay set very short to avoid update charsets messages in error.. less than 5 and down to zero depending

        hope this helps


    • It's an IRIS upgraded to IRIS+, so it does not use telem2 for FrSky. Thus changed SERIAL2_PROTOCOL parameter from 2 to 1. Now telemetry screen shows up but there are 2 issues:

      1. All data is missing. Only flight mode is updated correctly.

      2. Telemetry screen is stretched both vertically and horizontally, so the data does not fit.

      Are there any ideas on what might be wrong? Is there any tutorial I can follow in order to configure MinimOSD correctly?

    • Hi Roman,

            I have exactly the same sitrep and it(the PIXHAWK) firmware does indeed come back defined to output FrSky after a 3DR factory upgrade  whether your Th9x is FrSky Telemetry upgraded or not(another 200.00) its part of the current IRIS+ params and build if I recall correctly.

      its surprising that you had to set the additional params.. did you load the new IRIS+ parameter file and find these not set?


    • Yes, it looks like default IRIS+ parameters do not contain values for configuring telemetry2.

    • You ran into the same problem I did.  Telem2 only outputs a heart beat.

      That gets you flight mode.

      The extra version removed the code that set this port to output all the other information.

      void request_mavlink_rates()
          const int  maxStreams = 6;
          const uint8_t MAVStreams[maxStreams] = {MAV_DATA_STREAM_RAW_SENSORS,
          const uint16_t MAVRates[maxStreams] = {0x02, 0x02, 0x05, 0x02, 0x05, 0x02};
          for (int i=0; i < maxStreams; i++) {
                  apm_mav_system, apm_mav_component,
                  MAVStreams[i], MAVRates[i], 1);


      The code is there it's just never called.

      So you will have to go back to the original 2.2 or get a Y cable and use Telem1.


    • Finally I managed to get minimOSD on telem2 working by setting parameters as advised on

    • Hi this link does not work did you get this to work??

      I have a RFD900 on my pixhawk connected to telem1 which I cannot shift to telem2 because high powered devices which consume close to or more than 1 amp have to be connected to telem1 as the telem2 port cannot supply the required power, so to make my minimosd work I have to either splice the telem1 tx wire between the RFD and minimosd or use the telem2 port...I have currently connected my osd to the telem2 port and I am having the same problem of mode changing but other numbers not minimosd has the Extra800 copter firmware...I thought this problem of the existing code not being called was only present in the extra 2.2 firmware and has been solved in the 800 firmware but clearly there is some issue....anyone knows what it is ?   

    • Hello, please find parameters screenshot attached here.

      IRIS+ telemetry 2 parameters.tiff
    • Just wanna say that I changed my SR params to the above TIFF, and all my OSD fields came to life with real data...except for two things:

      1)  RSSI says 0%, and 
      2)  Flight mode will not show POS HOLD.  When I switch from any mode to POS HOLD, the field continues to show the old flight mode, even though the flight mode has actually changed to POS HOLD (as confirmed in Mission Planner).

      There could be any number of other odd things not working...this is just what I saw in the first couple minutes.

      Pixhawk 3.2.1 / Taranis / Minim OSD 1.1 / Minum OSD Extra 2.2

    • The newer APM firmware version having these new modes have a renewed Mavlink message set, these new messages are not recognized by the minimosd 2.2 extra firmware which almost 2 years old, my suggestion to your would be to use the recent R800 firmware by gabor  and the new modes will show up


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