• I have over 300 flights with my IRIS not all in the same day mind you.  They generate very little heat.

    The battery on the other hand does get a little warm.


    • when you finish a flight and take out the battery stick your fingers in the hole and touch the bottom plate.

      do you think that that is just battery heat?

    • Don't know, I fly when is freezing out and nothing except the battery gets warm.

    • I probably shoudn't say this to you but we get a lot of 80 degree weather

    • Well I just did a little test.  I flew for 4 minutes in a circle as fast it would go and then landed it.

      The 4 in 1 ESC was cool to the touch.  This ESC is rated at 20 Amps per motor and the most that I can get out of the IRIS is 18 amps total for all 4 motors.

      Now if you have a shorted motor all bets are off.


    • It appears that the ESC failure was due to a motor failure.  As replacing the esc one motor

      could not get up to speed.  I wanted to see how much heat the esc generates so I placed

      the battery on top and on a cool day it isn't generating much heat.

  • I believe it is a custom made 4in1 ESC that was designed by 3DR just for the IRIS.




    • I burnt up my esc and I am wondering if repetitive flights without a cool down period could have been the cause

      of the failure

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