Hi Iris+ people,

  • Before my first flight I updated the firmware, and recalibrated the ESC, Compass, and Accelerometer.Followed the 3DR Youtube vids.

So my first flight went well, but I called it quits as I thought the wind was too strong.  It was gusting at around 15mph.  Just seen a YouTube vid where some guys fly in +- 30mph winds! 

I figured the wind was too strong, as the Iris could not hold a steady position in Loiter, although it did seem to try.  However, there was no gimbal or camera attached. The Iris also flipped during a take off, but maybe I just need to be quicker taking off as the wind seemed to upend it and the feet would catch on the grass.
One of the props was slightly bent during the flip.  Very slight bend, but I can feel it.  Should this prop be scrapped?  I'm guessing yes, but it never hurts to check!

Any thoughts, comments about flying in the wind?  Things get pretty gusty up in South Dakota.

Lastly, the long wait for batteries to charge!  I've been looking at some options for a better charger.  Would anyone care to recommend something? Preferably less than $100.  Would it be possible to charge more than one battery at a time, for this price?

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  • I prefer the iCharger series.

    With the 1010B+ I charge 3 x 3S 4000mAh  lipo's simultaneously.

    • Could you provide a link to one? :)

    • HobbyKing...:-)

      Oh, these chargers have features not normally seen, like regenerative discharge, can be used as a foam cutter driver, test brushed motors, ggogle, and read the specs.

  • Hi Global.

    I was intrigued to see that you are in Sarf Dakota but you fly a Sarf Efrikan fleg, ek sé!

    As for flying in the wind, I fly my quad with GP and Tarot gimble in the Woodstock South Easter sometimes. Very silly. The extra work depletes my 5000mah battery very quickly indeed in Loiter mode particularly. Not fun actually.

    Best from a windy Cape Town.

    • Saffers really are everywhere! :p

  • for chargers I got this in last week


    charging time on a depleted 8C IRIS flight battery was about 1 hour.

    you will need to order 3 extra JST balance connectors

    here http://hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__50491__JST_XH_Balance_Board_...

    as while the illustration looks like it has 4 of the JST its actually has just 1 JST and 3 entirely different balance connectors

    this will charge anything but you WILL need a hefty 12v power supply.. I am using a ham mobile xmitter supply for base stations that cranks out about 50amps@12v

    Make sure you use a fireproof battery bag , have a fire extinguisher(halon or abc) within arms reach of where you charge and of course on a non flammable surfaces with no other flammables around gas, alcohol, paper etc..

    also give voltages charge state amp put in etc very nice for the low price it costs

    DO read the instructions the controls are non obvious .



    ps they have more intelligent charging algorithms  in the HK4B6 rather than just brute force like the OEM charger uses(longest amount of time to charge I have ever seen). Batteries didnt even get warm.. I LIKE this charger(for now at least until it breaks :)

    • Thank-you! Great advice!

      That stock charger is furiously slow!

  • Hi Global

    Quote: "Would this work with such a charger?"

    Not really, the charger in question is only rated to 6 amps, so you might be able to charge two batteries but it would take as much time as the OEM charger. To charge 6 batteries at 5.1 amps each would require a charger rated at at least 30 amps. You are talking a lot more money for that one.
    • I wouldn't mind the 3hr charge times, if I could do more than one at a time. :/

  • That will work but will increase the charge time for each battery added.  Two batteries would double the charge time unless you increase the amps.

    In this configuration the batteries will try to even out so that all of them have the same charge.  So plugging in a fully charged battery will charge the other battery to somewhere in the middle without the charger plugged in.


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