Flew my APC 10x4.7s today

I decided to try these props I had ordered awhile back.  All my impressions are subjective but I like the props.  They seem to give more lift, at least when the battery is at full voltage.  I believe it has a more responsive climb with the gimbal and GoPro.  As the battery nears empty Iris still loses a lot of power and gets sluggish.  Also the props seem to have quieted the bird down a bit.  Lower RPM at a given lift... seems to be a lot less buzzy.

If you get these you need the DJI prop nuts (these are backwards color coded from Iris+).  And they (the props) come with little plastic spacers, one of which fits between the a portion of the prop bore and Iris+ motor shaft.

I think this is a good upgrade.  Also looking forward to trying the Solo props that were mentioned here as working.  Those are 4.5 pitch vs. the APC 4.7 but shouldn't be much different performance.

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  • How wide is the chord on those prop blades? The stock props have a wide but thin chord which seems to me to have been a design decision trading amp draw vs lift.

    • I am not there to measure now but probably not as wide as the OEMs. There is an article over on cloudsurfer that goes into this subject in more detail.  The author ran some fairly detailed tests on flight time, amp draw, etc.  This is where I got the idea to try it.


      Also, I received a set of the Solo props that are 10x4.5 and look like Iris+ except for the length and hub shape.  They spin right on but they leave a 1.5mm or so gap between the prop hub and the motor.  It may not matter but I will probably get some 1.5mm nylon washers to put in there.  I haven't flown these yet.

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