Hi all, I'm selling my Iris+, and all of my Iris+ accessories shown in the photos.

Package includes what you see in the photo:

  • Custom foam insulated backpack for carrying Iris and accessories

  • 3DR Iris+ purchased new March 2015

  • Controller

  • 6 extra Iris prop motors - 3 Clockwise and 3 Counter Clockwise

  • Extra propellers

  • 3 batteries with charger

  • Battery cell tester

  • 2D Tarot Gimbal

  • 1 extra GoPro mount for gimbal, modified to fit SJCAM 5000X Elite camera

  • LiveView Kit - 7” Black Pearl LCD screen with shade, video transmitter, antennas, charger

  • Velcro quick release GoPro gimbal strap

  • 2 normal Tarot GoPro gimbal clamps

  • Extra USB cable

  • Misc extras, odds & ends, cables, extra gimbal shock absorbers


The drone flies, the gimbal works, but it has been known to crash.  Symptoms include cutting power during flight.  This has resulted in 1 replaced gimbal and both blue arms have been replaced.  This may be limited to a certain battery, so I have had consistent flight success with my battery marked “2”.  I offer no warranty or guarantee of any kind.  I am not skilled in troubleshooting these kinds of problems, so I am offering this package at a price because of the extras included.


Here is a list of videos filmed from this drone over the past year:












https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6uyUmnr0JIE (this footage was aired on “The Doctors” daytime TV show)

















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  • Price reduced from  $750 to $699 as a complete package.  If it comes down to it, I can sell each piece separately, but I'd rather sell it in 1 transaction.

    • Hi there,

      sent you an invite/msg - let me know if you're still selling? Pretty close to the setup I already have, but I'm looking for a backup since I work remotely and had to abandon a job when I had a complete and fatal brownout at 120'.

    • Yes I'm still selling, sorry for my delayed reply!  In fact, I'm not sure if I've ever answered or sent a message here so please forgive me.  I'll see if I can reply to your message.

      Thanks for the interest!

  • how much?

    • I was looking to sell this as a complete package. Would all of these parts be worth the price to you? I'm open to negotiations.
    • To be honest, I don't know how much a package like this would usually run, but I figure with all of the accessories less than a year old, and the Iris itself about 14 months old, $750 might be a decent price.

      I'm open to negotiation though.

    • I'm looking for parts to backup my iris+. The parts I'm interested are the flight controller, telemetry, batteries, and radio. 

    • Are you still interested?  I am seeing it's going to be difficult to sell this as a complete package, so I'm going to sell everything individually.

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