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Couple of questions...one of the switches broke off at the nub of the controller, luckily before I launched it.  I have no access to that switch now, it's the althold/loiter/auto switch.  Does anyone use another controller that maybe has FPV and isn't as fragile?  

The second question is, I have 2 Iris + for my business (yes, I have an exemption & a pilot's license).  The newer one always says "high GPS HDOP."  I never had that issue with the first one.  I put it up in alt hold & watch it in loiter once it's up, always ready to land it manually if it's not working.  It also says, "GPS glitch" a lot.  It seems way more sensitive than the first one, I'm wondering if it isn't a lemon?  I've used it a bunch with no problems, those warnings make me nervous.  Moot point, now that my controller stick broke off.  

Any hints?

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    You can buy a replacement switch for less than a dollar at a local electronics shop. It's a straight forward job to solver a replacement in.
    • I just wondered if there's one for the Iris w/ a FPV I could bind?  I'll go in the hobby shop today & see what I can find.  I have the live view, the transmitter on the drone fell off & broke & that's not working anymore either.  Besides, I'm juggling screens w/ the tablet/controller/live view & would be nice to have it all in one place.  Not really ready to upgrade since the data is the same.  

    • I bought a 3 position switch from Radio Shack.  When I opened up the controller, it didn't look that straight forward (or the right size).  I had another controller & just bound it to that.  I might just send it back to 3DR to deal w/, I'm getting a little tired of fixing it every weekend.  

      Didn't find a FPV on a controller either.  I'll call 3DR tomorrow about the controller & getting an extra transmitter for the FPV live view - that broke too.  

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