Gimbal that holds GoPro in it's case?

I'm sure this has been discussed here before, but if I'm to fly again I would much rather prefer a gimbal that can hold the GoPro in it's protective case.

Can anybody suggest a model I can look at?  I have enjoyed the Tarot 2D but even if you have a gentle bump where the GoPro bumps a twig or a rock on landing and it scratches the lens, there goes the camera!

Just to add validity to my concern, here's what my GoPro looks like now from 3 weeks ago.  Completely toast.

It won't record, but oh what luck, the lens isn't scratched!

So I'm very interested in finding a Gimbal that allows mounting of the GoPro of how it was designed from Day 1, in the case!  Any ideas?



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  • Please take a look at this one: 

    This is as far as I know the best gimbal that holds a Gopro in its case, it is also waterproof.. :!/Waterproof-Gimbal/p/49911251/category=11359053

    Scarab Armoured Gimbal:

    • Thanks for the links.  Does anybody have any reviews of these items?

  • The people at Steadidrone manufacture a UAV with a gimbal that fits a GoPro in its case. It's quite expensive, though.

    • Not very reliable either, I speak from experience. First one on APM very poor overall flight performance, then bought a second on Nazareth that just yawed ccw with no input from me. Avoid unless you are a tech wiz. Gimbal on second one did seem to work ok tho'...

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